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[Video] The Evolution Of Consciousness

I haven’t done any video for a while, and I’ve been busy with new fatherhood, so I thought I’d put this up today…

This is a 40 minute seminar on the evolution of consciousness, and the different levels of consciousness using a 4 Elements model or framework.

The model is similar to, but not the same as:

  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • The Clare Graves model
  • The Integral model
  • My experiences and studies at the monastic university and meditation centers here in Myanmar
  • Abhidhamma


A big part of the problem is that wherever your consciousness falls on the evolutionary scale – Most people below the Air framework can’t even see that the other levels exist, and they only see other levels of consciousness as “criminal” or “insane”.



In a later post, I’ll do a big, full-blown Abhidhamma based answer to the question:  “What Is Consciousness?” so stay tuned for that.  Sooner or later I’ll also answer the even bigger question:  “What Is Enlightenment?” . . .

Click here to download the PDF…



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