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To Seek Existence Is A Natural Instinct

Li Zongwu said, “to seek existence is a natural instinct.”

What he is referring to is the idea of self-preservation – a kind of innate selfishness.

Selfishness, to a degree is natural.

For example, if you and another person fall into a rushing river at the same time, what’s your first reaction?

What’s your instinct, aside from first trying to save yourself?

Those who study Thick Black Theory know that they must insulate themselves from the cold criticisms of others.

By doing this, they can create and maintain a positive self image.

People that are thin skinned and have a soft heart, when attempting to make their dreams a reality, always concern themselves with the appraisals of others.

It is possible that they will reach their goal, but it’s also possible that they will give up because they are affected by others opinions.

By catering to the desires of others they get distracted and thrown off the course…

It’s much more difficult for them to reach their desired outcome.

People proficient in Thick Black Theory are not afflicted with this.

They know that you must learn to put other’s appraisals to one side.

More importantly, they know they should not change their course of action just to please someone else.

They should never doubt their own ability and value.

People with this kind of attitude will easily enter the ranks of success.

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