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The Art Of War Video Seminar 1

Mastering The Art Of War Seminar I (2 hours!)

In this seminar I’ll give you the most in-depth overview of strategy you’ll find anywhere – especially at this disreputably overpriced amount of FREE…

That’s pretty deep, right?

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In upcoming training I’ll cover:

  • The art of war by Sun Tzu

  • The art of war by many other ancient authors

  • Thick Black Theory

  • The Way of Strategy

  • Much More…

And you’re probably thinking – “there must be some kind of catch, right?”

I don’t blame you…

You’re not wrong to think there’s some kind of ulterior motive to me giving away training that other people charge thousands of dollars for…

Here’s what it is:

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Anyway – here are two of my books that are most directly related to your interest in strategy and The Art Of War:

The Way Of Strategy

The advanced manual on The Art Of Strategic Thinking, by Jon Anxin which helps you win every time – without fear or guilt!

the art of warIn The Way Of Strategy you’ll learn to master The Art Of Strategic Thinking And Mental Warfare in an easy, step by step way that you can begin applying right now to every area of your life.

You’re about to uncover the simple strategic framework that has proven itself to be effective, time and time again – for over 3,000 years…

Whether you need to gain more influence in your personal or business life, begin or complete an important project or even if you may someday need to fight in a real life violent struggle – you’ll find these simple and easy to use principles to not only be a lifesaver, but – they may LITERALLY save your life!

Chapters include:
1. Situation Appraisal
2. Formulation of Goals and Strategies
3. Evaluation of Strategies
4. Implementation of Strategies
5. Strategic Controls

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“Thick Black Theory Will Show You How To WIN EVERY TIME Without Fear, Anger Or Guilt.”

Don’t settle for second-class knock off copies, the original Thick Black Theory contains the secrets that you can best use to Gain Massive Power, Fast!

What Is Thick Black Theory?

Thick Black Theory“Li Zongwu, a disgruntled politician published it in 1911, a year of chaos in China when Sun Yat Sen overthrew the Ching Dynasty and set up the Chinese Republic.

Li was a scientist of political intrigue.

He writes: ‘When you conceal your will from others, that is Thick. When you impose your will on others, that is Black.’ Thick Black Theory describes the ruthless, hypocritical means men use to obtain and hold power. It went through several printings before being banned as subversive.” –SUCCESS MAGAZINE

This is the first and only translation of Li Zongwu’s seminal work on “black” strategy.

Thick Black Theory is a classic treatise on strategy, similar to Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War.

However, Thick Black Theory Is More Simple, Easier To Understand, Contains Immediately Actionable Material, And Is A Higher Level Of Strategic Abstraction Than The Art Of War.

Anyone Who loves The Art Of War, Machiavelli, The 48 Laws Of Power, Etc. Will Also Love Thick Black Theory.

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I’d actually give these to you for free if I could, but the way Kindle works I can only do 5 free days every 3 months, but $2.99 is really nothing, right?

I could care less about the money.  That’s why I’m basically giving them (as well as the strategic bootcamp) away for free…  What I’m really hoping for is that you’ll give me a great review on Amazon…!

Anyway – new stuff tomorrow.

Talk soon,

Jon Anxin

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