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Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi was a great figure in Japanese history. He was an effective military leader, for his great strategies. Musashi was also a great artist, being able to produce paintings, sculptures, and calligraphy which have become one of the finest among others in Japanese history. Musashi however, is best known[…]

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Ronin Warriors

How a Samurai Becomes a Ronin The word “ronin” is a term popularly used in Japan for samurais who have no masters. This also pertains to vagrants or wanderers. It was mainly used during the Nara and Heian Era for runaway serfs who decided to abandon their master’s land to[…]

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Interesting Facts About Ronin Warriors & Their Origin Ronin warriors are former samurais who have become masterless. It was during the 12th century, when the term Ronin was coined to address samurais who had lost their daimyo or feudal lord. A samurai may lose a daimyo in various ways which[…]

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