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Anthology Of Thick Black Theory



If you have a burning desire to be master of your own destiny AND all those around you, then this is for YOU …

Discover How To Deploy These Black Arts Of Ultra-Power To Get Or Do ANYTHING You Desire

Read on to learn how to harness the wisdom of this previously BANNED Chinese renegade to unleash your full potential, ruthlessly transforming your life into whatever you want it to be with this first ever COMPLETE anthology in English STARTING TODAY!

Dear Fellow Truth seeker … everything you want from your life …

… a fresh start …

… the renewed respect of those who have doubted you …

… increased capacity for achieving greatness …

… the undying adoration of the love of your life …

… the opportunity to achieve your full potential …

… truckloads of money …

… total control over your life and destiny …

… ALL start by being able to persuade anyone to do anything you want.

And there has never ever been a better way to learn the ‘straight from the trenches’ secrets of personal manipulation than will supercharge your wealth, your business and your life than from that world-class scientist of political intrigue, Li Zongwu.

“Knowing [Thick Black Theory] is about learning how to handle people, which is very useful, especially when it comes to dealing with corrupt officials .”

-Mao Shoulong, public-policy professor at Renmin University

But there’s A BIG problem

Two actually …

Because – despite being a runaway best seller when first published in China in 1911 and being reprinted several times, the new Chinese republic government subsequently BANNED this treatise on deploying ruthless personal power to win every time against all the odds for being ‘subversive’.

So for many years, the secrets went underground and only passed through a few elite families by being whispered by fathers to sons in darkened rooms.

And, even when copies were once again available, being written in Chinese it was naturally of little use to folks in the western world. Which is where I come in …

Howdy … my name is Jon Anxin and I originally hale from Indianapolis, USA, but I now live in Myanmar (formerly Burma), where I was one of the very first westerners ever to be accepted into an elite monastic university where I am a lineage holder in a little-known martial art.

I’m also considered a leading expert on strategy and I owe much of my reputation to the study of Li Zongwu’s work, ‘Thick Black Theory’, which I have now translated into English and making available for the very first time in the west.

Think of ‘Thick Black Theory’ as like the better known ‘Art Of War’ by Sun Tzu – but far, far easier to understand and implement.

Which brings me to the third problem

You see, since I was the very first to translate ‘Thick Black Theory’ into English, because there had been a few copycat versions like “Thick Face, Black Heart” – but they have missed the vital key.

I know this because I haven’t simply translated the work into English to make a fast buck.

Before I did that I studied the work for many years. So I know it inside out and I’m well aware that – in order for YOU to really understand the material and fully deploy it to give you a complete UNFAIR ADVANTAGE – you ALSO need to study three other works of Li Zongwu, namely: ‘Psychology and Mechanics, ‘I Distrust The Saints’ and Henpecked Philosophy’.

Unless you also have these three extra works, the main ‘Thick Black Theory’ will make far less sense and be impossible to use to full effect.

Which I why I’ve now published a brand new COMPLETE anthology, consisting of ‘Thick Black Theory’ PLUS ‘Psychology and Mechanics’, ‘I Distrust The Saints’ and Henpecked Philosophy’.

And here’s just a tiny glimpse inside at some of the powerful secrets to be revealed to you which you can take and use right away to transform your life in any way you want

  • Why being selfish is actually good for you (and why it is essential for your ultimate success).
  • Don’t want to deploy thick and black techniques yourself? Why you still need to know all about them.
  • Six true words to attain high office – and two good ways to do things.
  • How to hold on to power once you’ve attained it.
  • The pan fixing way. And the arrow cutting way.
  • Why Wang Mang failed (and the FATAL mistake you must avoid).
  • How you should regard Li Zongwu – and how you should describe him to others.
  • The seven kinds of human passions – and the groups they are divided into.
  • Mencius’s theory about human nature – and the proof it is flawed.
  • The two states of the human explained by Le Bon – and why he is wrong.
  • The flaw in Neitzsche’s superman theory.
  • The key difference between Darwin and Li Zongwu – and why it’s important for you to know that.
  • The key difference between the civilization in the west and that of China.
  • The two ways to observe the truth of the human mind.

And, much, MUCH more …

Read what other’s are saying …

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Right now, maybe you’re thinking …

… because you can easily see how this can truly unlock a better, brighter life for you, but you’re concerned if the amount you’ll have to invest is a hefty one.

You’re quite right

Such a comprehensive program as this, which will empower you to quickly and easily develop your physical, mental and post personal power SHOULD command a substantial investment.

In fact, this anthology is valued at $127.00 – But I’m going to go the extra mile for you today and let you get your hands on either the paperback or Kindle edition for much, MUCH less…

This is one of your crossroad days

Most days are pretty much alike – routine even. And then along comes a day with the power to transform your life beyond recognition: ‘Crossroad Days’.

For example, the sort of life-determining days such as the day you decided what college to attend or what career to follow and who to spend your life with.

And then there is THIS day, when you have the golden opportunity to create the perfect life you’ve always craved.

So you can now choose to either …

Carry on as before, the plaything of everyone around you (perhaps even unwittingly being controlled by folks who are already using Thick Black techniques on you, without you realizing) while you struggle on, vainly hoping to create that better life yet lacking the massive power required to accomplish

OR …

You can be smart and realize that for a tiny investment of 27 bucks you can become a Master of YOUR Universe with the golden opportunity you have here.

I’ve used the wisdom of Li  Zongwu to raise myself from the lowest ebb it’s possible to be in to the peak of happiness and achievement and it will do the same for you – if you let it.

Sounds to me like your choice is a very simple one. So I’m really looking forward to welcoming you into the wonderful world of Li Zongwu’s Thick Black Theory and all the blessings it can endow you with.


P.S. I reserve the right to slash or withdraw this very generous discount at any time, without notice.

So the only sure way you can guarantee to lock in this rock bottom investment of JUST $27 is to go ahead right now.

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