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Post-Modern Man – Why You Should Learn How To Meditate

You’re About To Discover How To End Your Stress FOR GOOD, Become More Successful At EVERYTHING You Do And Live Your Life To The Fullest – EVERY MOMENT…

I’m about to share how to leverage the greatest philosophy of all time along with the greatest training method of all time to do one thing: Live Life To The Fullest.

This material will only be online for a short time (and for good reasons you’re about to see), so watch it in its entirety while you still can…

Now – I need to give you more than fair warning…

This is not going to be like anything you’ve EVER read about personal development…

Most of the material available to the public on self improvement and personal development is what I would call “Wu-Peddling”. . .

That is – selling fantastic, mystical sounding wrong ideas that appeal to you, in order to separate you from your money as quickly as possible.

Nearly All Of The Material Available To The Public On “Meditation” Is Bogus…

Many of the meditation teachers out there today are well-intentioned poseurs who are going to waste years of your life, and quite a few are outright charlatans who are only after your money.

You know the type.

They peddle fluff and nonsense that appeals to the Oprah Book club crowd.

They have flyers and websites with pictures of stacked, polished stones and little pastel-pink lotus flowers.

                Their advertising looks like a douche commercial…

See, most of these people aren’t PURPOSELY misleading others. They’re just not into reality at all.

They’re into “good vibes” or… whatever – and rather than actually cracking the scrolls ™ and doing primary source research or study for themselves – they just teach what they ASSUME or HOPE to be correct.

Then, there are the others.

The ones who are outright charlatans, scammers, and get-overs, who window dress themselves in humility, contrived sincerity, and phoney “compassion” – only to get you to part with your money.

I call them the “Spiritual Mullet Mafia” ™.

You know the mullet, right? Business in front, party in the back…

And people constantly get taken for a ride.

They lose their money and get nothing meaningful in return…

They lose years of their life for nothing…

What’s Even More Dangerous Is Falling Victim To The Mindful Mindfuck ™…

They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, and when it comes to being awakened – that is ABSOLUTELY correct.

The humble attitude. The bell ringing, bringing you back to awareness when the teacher says something profound *DING*

Now, more often than not – this is REALLY just brainwashing and behavioral conditioning. The bell rings on the pretty little meditation singing bowl every time you’re supposed to accept some suggestion. *DING*

So they do it a few times to warm you up… *DING*

Then you drop into a state of deep suggestibility.

They lecture and say things that sound correct like –

“You are so wrapped up in the ego. All you care about is the “I” *DING* (gestures to self)…

        The “I” controls you. You only serve the “I” *DING* (gestures to self)…

                In your mind (“and you’re mine”) you feel that “I”(gestures to self) is God… *DING* *DING* *DING”

You see how that works…?

There is one VERY famous author and lecturer who pulls this every time he speaks…

Here’s a hint: Oprah LOVES him…

But this all just goes to show you –

There Is No Way For You To Tell How Accomplished Of A Meditator Someone Is Unless You Are At The Same Or Higher Level…

The phonies? They look AWESOME.

The walk around outside with their heads low.

Their hands behind their back.

Like they must be thinking something very, very profound. . .

The monks who actually practice meditation 6-18 hours a day?

Smoking cigarettes. Chewing beetel. Acting like normal guys on the surface.


Wu-peddlers and the personal development community at large are the perfect examples of how marginally intelligent humans can get somewhere by impressing dumb humans.

They have little to no real ideas of their own, and the ones they do have are not well thought out at all.

They are what I refer to as “super sheep”.

Smarter than the majority of their peers, but not smart enough to stop being sheep…

I’m sort of an expert on this, because –

Worse than being a dumb sheep – I was a dumb sheep for YEARS…

Until – I unlocked something INCREDIBLY POWERFUL which is within the reach of every person….

Something that had been tested in the crucible of adversity…
Something that was forged in the furnace of trials…
And you can realize these latent powers yourself…

So that’s what we’ll talk about here…

The problems that can really ONLY be solved by a hardcore life philosophy and correct, orthodox meditation training, and…

The cause of those problems, the vision for turning those problems into opportunities and the path to do that…

Let’s start by examining some of the problems…

“What such a man needs is not courage but nerve control, cool headedness. This he can get only by practice.” – Theodore Roosevelt

The sound of shouting voices. . .

The feeling like your stomach is dropping out from underneath you. . .

The rush of fight or flight hormones brought on by adrenal stress. . .

These are constants in all conflict and in all confrontations.

You Are A Pile Of Raw Nerves…

Competitors surround your life…
        Unexpected problems suddenly pop up…
                Everything is falling and crashing down around you, at the exact time when you feel like you can’t handle anymore…

And that’s just the stuff that happens naturally…

Don’t forget – there are always people out there looking to get you.

They want to intimidate you.
        Rattle you.
                Pressure you into making a decision before you’ve got the facts.
                        They want you thinking and acting on their terms – not your own.

The question you have to ask yourself is – are you going to let them?

In these kinds of situations, skill or ability aren’t the most important characteristic…

Grace and poise are, because these two characteristics give rise to the opportunity to use any other skill.

We must have, as Voltaire explained about the secret to the great military success of the first Duke of Marlborough – that “tranquil courage in the midst of tumult and serenity of soul in danger, which the English call a cool head.”

No matter how much REAL difficulty you face, stress puts you under the control of your baser, fearful, instinctual reactions.

And don’t think for a second that grace and poise and serenity are the characteristics only of feminine debutantes…

In the final analysis, nerve is a matter of defiance and control:

“I refuse to acknowledge that.”
        “I don’t agree to be intimidated.”
                “I resist the temptation to call this a failure.”

But nerve is also a matter of acceptance:

“Well, I guess it’s my responsibility then.”
        “I don’t have the luxury of being rattled about this or replaying close calls in my head.”
                “I’m to busy and to many people are counting on me.”

Defiance and acceptance come together well in this principle:

There is always a counter-move.

Always an escape or a way through.

So there is no reason to get bent out of shape.

The stakes are high, but the path is there for those ready to take it.

Shake off the bad stuff as it happens and soldier on.

Because – if your nerve holds, then nothing really did “happen”.

Your perception made sure it was nothing of consequence.

These days, and in most people’s lives – everything is planned down to the letter.

Then as soon as something goes wrong the first thing that they do is go emotional…

Panic can be trained out, but it doesn’t go easily…

“Would you have a great empire? Rule over yourself.” – Publius Syrus

Uncertainty and fear are relieved by authority.

Training is authority.

It is a release valve.

With enough of the right kind of practice, you can evolve out of those normal, even inherent fears that are created mostly by unfamiliarity.

Problems make us emotional, but the only way to survive or overcome them is by controlling your emotions.

The Greeks had a word for this: Apatheia.

Apatheia is very similar to the Buddhist (Pali) concept of “Uppekha“.

It’s the kind of calm equanimity that results from a lack of irrational or extreme emotions.

Not the complete loss of feeling – just the unhelpful kind.

Don’t let it in. Just say – “No. I can’t afford to lose my cool.”

This is an ability that has to be trained – the freedom from disturbance and fear – so that you can focus your energy solely on solving problems instead of reacting to them.

Usually – becoming over-run with negative emotions doesn’t provide you with more options.

You don’t need to be “macho” about it.

If you need to take a moment – then do it.


Real strength lies in the control of your emotions and instincts – not in pretending they don’t exist.

You Defeat Negative Emotions With Logic

Logic is questions and statements. With enough of them we drill down to the root causes of your fear, stress, jealousy, and all negative emotions (which are always easier to deal with than the symptoms).

The question you should constantly be asking yourself is “Does getting emotional about this provide me with any additional options?”

“No, because I trained my mind for this type of situation and I can control myself.“


“No, because I caught myself and I am able to realize that getting emotional doesn’t add anything constructive.“

The Path From Emotional Thinking

Rather than being pulled around by the short-hairs by your emotions – If you practice the type of meditation I’m going to teach you and focus on your own character development –

You’ll be at a tactical and often times even a moral advantage when those trying situations arise.

“Under The Comb The Tangle And The Straight Path Are The Same…” – Heraclitus

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is “What else could it mean?”…

It’s important because our first perceptions, or the meaning that we first attribute to challenges, conflicts and even opportunities can be and often are completely wrong.

“Don’t let the force of an impression when it first hit you knock you off you feet; just say to it: Hold on a moment; let me see who you are and what you represent. Let me put you to the test.” –Epictetus

The sixteenth-century Samurai swordsman Miyamoto Musashi won countless fights against feared opponents, even multiple opponents, in which he was swordless.

In The Book of Five Rings, he notes the difference between observing and perceiving.

“The perceiving eye is weak”, he wrote; “the observing eye is strong”.

Musashi understood that the observing eye sees simply what is there.

The perceiving eye sees more than what is there.

The observing eye sees events, clear of distractions, exaggerations, and mis-perceptions.

The perceiving eye sees “insurmountable obstacles” or “major setbacks” or even just “issues.” It brings its own issues to the fight.

The former is helpful, the latter is not.

To paraphrase Nietzsche, sometimes being superficial— taking things only at first glance— is the most profound approach.

In your own life –
How many problems seem to come from applying judgments to things which aren’t under your control, as though there were a way they were supposed to be?

How often do you see what you think is there or should be there, instead of what actually is there?

Having steadied yourself and held back your emotions, you can see things as they really are. You can do that using your observing eye.

Perceptions are the problem.

They give us the “information” that we don’t need, exactly at the moment when it would be far better to focus on what is immediately in front of us:

the thrust of a sword, a crucial business negotiation, an opportunity, a flash of insight or anything else, for that matter.

Everything about our animalistic brains tries to compress the space between impression and perception. Think, perceive, act— with milliseconds between them.

A deer’s brain tells it to run because things are bad.

It runs.

Sometimes, right into traffic…

We can question that impulse. We can disagree with it. We can override the switch, examine the threat before we act.

But this takes strength. It’s a muscle that must be developed. And muscles are developed by tension, by lifting and holding.

You will come across obstacles and opportunities in life – fair and unfair.

And you will discover, time and time again, that what matters most is not what they “are”, but how you see them, how you react to them, and whether you keep your composure.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when faced with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle (or a great opportunity).

You must try:

• To be objective
• To control emotions and keep an even keel
• To choose to see the good and the opportunity in a situation
• To steady your nerves
• To ignore what disturbs or limits others
• To place things in perspective
• To return to the present moment
• To focus on what can be controlled

Is It Really Possible To Become Fully Enlightened And Awaken To The Truth?

The simple answer is – “That depends.”

It depends on a lot of things, not the least of which is your definition of enlightenment.

If you’re interested in turning into something like Neo from The Matrix – I’d say the chances are slim.

If you imagine that you are going to become morally perfect and develop the ability to project Qi missiles from your fingertips, I’d say… Slim to nil. I would love someone to prove me wrong.

If, however you’re interested in awakening or becoming enlightened in the sense of the Vimokkha Mukkha or 3 gateways to liberation that the Buddha ACTUALLY taught –

To follow the natural rhythm and harmony of life being conducted by biology, genetics, environment, etc. free from all points of self-reference in every moment –

Then I will tell you – IT IS DEFINITELY POSSIBLE.

It takes focused, dedicated and disciplined mental training to really wake up, for good.

There’s a saying in Latin: Vires acquirit eundo (We gather strength as we go). That’s how it works…

So, by now you should have a pretty clear idea of the goal…

Dramatically improving the quality of your life and your effectiveness and success in all areas of your life by
• Reducing and eliminating negative and harmful emotions like fear, doubt, anger, jealousy, etc. which allows you to
• Develop what the Greeks called “Apatheia” or what’s called in Pali “Uppekha” – A permanent and deep sense of equanimity which results from a lack of irrational or extreme emotions by
Mastering an orthodox meditation discipline in order to develop equanimity, concentration and insight.

Unfortunately, Meditation Is One Of The Most Misunderstood Teachings Of Both The Buddha

As soon as the word “meditation” is mentioned, people think of an escape from the daily activities of life, assuming some posture, and being absorbed in some kind of mysterious thought or trance.

REAL meditation doesn’t mean that kind of escape at all.

The Buddha’s teaching on this subject was so wrongly, or so little understood that in later times the way of “meditation” degenerated and deteriorated into some kind of ritual or ceremony or technical routine…

The Buddha’s Triple Gateway To Liberation (Vimokkha Mukha)

The Buddha taught 3 Mukha’s or doors to liberation.

1. The gateway void of “atta”, “self” or “soul” based on the insight knowledge that is contemplation on the absence of any permanent self.
2. The gateway of signlessness realizes liberation based on the contemplation of impermanence.
3. The gateway of desirelessness leading to liberation based on the contemplation of Dukkha or suffering or un-satisfactoriness.

…That’s it!
3 ways.

Read this out loud – because this is important:

The Ultimate Goal Of Buddhist Meditation Practices Is Awakening To The Unsatisfactoriness Of Existence, The Impermanence Of Existence, And The Inherent Lack Of Any Permanent Self In Existence – Leading To – PERMANENT NON EXISTENCE OF THE EGO SELF.

Here’s a visual representation of the ACTUAL process and goal of Buddhist meditation:


Here’s what that means in plain English:


– And, you don’t have to go live in a monastery or pay some spooked out balding creep with a pony tail thousands of dollars to do it.

In fact – IT’S SIMPLE.

The realistic, achievable goal of all of this is Complete Liberation Of The Mind – Perfect Mental Health, Equilibrium And Tranquility and a MORE SUCCESSFUL LIFE.

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