In this video, I’ll give you a quick breakdown of where I’ve been, what I’ve been working on, and what’s coming . . .

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In The Meantime – Here Are Some Random Shots Of Things I’ve been Working On In the Atelier for the last 6 months-1 Year . . .


Brown/Earth not pictured.  These are some badges that I made (I have several hundred of them in my desk drawer!). . .

After we launch the Leather goods, tailoring and forge business units, I’m going to go back heavily into training and books.

Instead of directly doing the training myself (I don’t really have time, and most stuff can’t realistically be done “online”) – what I’m going to do is just focus on culture-building.

So, here at EarthWaterFireAir we focus on achieved human potential in four quadrants:  Physical, social, mental and post-personal.

My personal interests in this are martial arts, leadership, strategy and meditation.

When we get into culture-building, we’ll brainstorm a list of training and certifications for each category.  For example, with the Earth/Physical power category, it might be:

  • Martial arts teacher certification/Black belt equivalent
  • Physical trainer certification
  • Nutritionist degree/certification
  • Firearms training/instructor certification
  • Practitioner training in different types of health modalities
  • etc.

That way, we create a broad community of people focusing on physical power in lots of different areas who can communicate, share ideas, and help each other with their development.

And – we’ll do that for each of the four quadrants, with people getting “badged” for completing different things (independent of me or EWFA – because I don’t have the time or inclination to do this, and like I said I want to open this up very broadly).

You can think about it like Boy Scouts for grown-ups.  The boomer human potential movement never achieved it’s potential, so . . . Somebody’s gotta do it, right?  It might as well be us.


Once I decided to go down this atelier path, this was one of my first bigger projects – a luggage set for me and my wife and kid.

I went for a simple classic design in hardside luggage from the days of long train and ship journeys.

I won’t be producing this stuff for sale probably, because the shipping would be cost prohibitive or too slow but . . . I always like to show this stuff off.  😉


Here’s a look at a calf crust side . . .  I take the natural crust calf leather and hand-dye, hand finish by fat-liquering with natural oils and waxes to produce the highest quality leather available.


This is the general purpose logo for t-shirts and what not.


The all-purpose logo for the leather goods, and most items.


Our kamon necktie and pocket fold set in the lab. . .


The Kamon print branded into a piece of hand-cut Himmapan calf leather . . .


Here’s a better photo of that satchel from the video . . .


Some randos in the lab . . .


Here’s some vintage boxing training gear I made for myself that’s in my personal gym. . . Medicine balls, gloves, helmets, focus pads, a heavy bag (stuffed with leather!).

I don’t plan on selling this stuff, because it wouldn’t be cost effective for most people to buy hand-made leather boxing gear, but . . . These were really fun projects.


If You Like What You’re Seeing So Far . . .

There’s lots more to come.  And – I’m going to be giving away alot of the stuff pictured in promotion contests for our crowdfunding launch beginning in November.

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We’re building a brand.  We’re building a community. We’re building a revolution.

And we want you.


Talk soon,



P.S. – If you haven’t started guessing – The end-game is and has always been a residential training facility/community where we can train people who want to build and ride for the brand to generate income and focus on training and personal development in each of the 4 quadrants we mentioned above . . . When society zigs to technology, de-personalization and meaninglessness, we will zag to traditional crafts, traditional culture and training, and traditional ethics and community.