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4 Steps To Buy Your Own Castle, Fortress Or Mansion – For Less Than You’re Paying For Rent

As some of you may know – I’ve got a serious building fetish.

A big part of that is that I plan to come back to the USA in the next couple of years, and open up a full-time residential training center for The Four Elements of personal high performance – martial arts, leadership, strategy and meditation.  More on that at a future date.

One of the things that I think is really interesting, and useful for guys out there to know is that if you’re willing to go rural or semi-rural –

You Can Own A Fortress Or Mansion With Massive Amounts Of Land For Less Than You’re Currently Spending For Rent On A Studio Apartment

My ultimate resource for researching this material is without a doubt is LandWatch.com.  Landwatch is an awesome resource for searching for land, properties of any types, or – even a home.

Now – different people might be looking for different types of things:

  • Your own mansion
  • A huge residential training center like I’ll open
  • Your own gentleman’s farm
  • A secure “fallback location” for emergencies, civil unrest, etc.

Whatever you’re looking for – it’s available, and with a little bit of research, you can find your dream building or property for MUCH LESS than you’re spending every month for rent…

Tips For Finding The Perfect Property At The Perfect Price

  1. Get SERIOUS clarity about what you really want.  Do you want to open your own production factory?  A co-working space?  A small, specialty farm?  A training center?  A bug-out location?
  2. Create a list of related keywords to search for.  For example, I generally tend to look for former schools, because I want to find places that have a lot of space, have lots of separate classrooms that could be used as dormitories, etc.  So I assume my primary keyword is going to be “former school”, and then I’ll create a list of secondary keywords to search for, like: Gymnasium, Playground, Football field, Cafeteria, Classrooms, Etc.
  3. Know your budget.  In many cases, and in my case – I want to pay cash outright to avoid debt, but in many people’s situations, taking out a long term mortgage on a property would be a great idea.  You need to know what your down-payment budget is, and then your monthly spend budget.  One of the main benefits of financing a purchase is that as the dollar continues to inflate,  over the course of many years your debt and monthly payments become more and more negligible.
  4. Know your search parameters.  What’s you’re general budget range?  Are you looking for properties in a specific part of the US or world?  All of this will be a factor in narrowing your search criteria.
  5. Slow your roll.  In the beginning, you’ll see lots of amazing stuff that you’ll want to immediately jump on, if you have the money.  Resist the temptation to impulse buy, and create a favorites folder in your browser where you save everything you like.  Regularly go through the folder and purge properties which are no longer available or which no longer appeal to you while regularly updating it with new possibilities until you’re absolutely ready to start going and physically looking over locations and are ready to pull the trigger.

Some Possible Highest And Best Uses For Your Dream Property

There are lots of things you could do with different types of properties you might be interested in.

In order to cut costs and be more efficient, the best thing you can do (especially if you’re a single guy) is LIVE THERE.

If you do or could do any type of location independent work, tele-commuting, are a craftsman of any sort, etc. – then unless you just like the stresses and expenses of big city living – there’s not much reason to do that.

If you want to make your investment profitable, there are lots of ways you could do that.  Here are a few good ideas to get you started:

Co-working space/startup incubator:  If you are an entrepreneurial minded person, and if you know other people who are also entrepreneurs or would be entrepreneurs – you already have the ideal situation for making a purchase like this.  Study and train yourself to the umpth degree to help facilitate growth and scaling for new businesses.  Learn everything you can to be the best possible business/entrepreneur mentor you could be to help other people achieve their business goals, and then set up shop.  Think of common items every start-up might need:

  • Digital video and photography
  • Internet access
  • Paper printing
  • Offset printing
  • Etc.

And then set up as much of that in advance as possible.

You can dramatically raise the value proposition on your proto-capitalist little commune by making it the type of place that everybody would love to work, live and that nobody would want to leave – ever.

We’re talking about things like:

  • Pool tables
  • Gym and sports equipment
  • Cooperative gardening (and even game hunting if you’ve got that kind of space) for healthy, natural eating
  • An inexpensive cinema (comfortable chairs, surround sound, big screen – the works, on a budget)

You get the idea. . .

By setting up a residential co-working/incubator space, you get to determine who’s involved and surround yourself with the best, brightest, most talented and creative people who can help YOU with your projects and dreams, as you help them with theirs.

Make it affordable.  In fact – make it as cheap as humanely possible.  Try to charge enough to recoup your investment asap, but remember that the #1 difference between winners and losers in life is the ability to delay gratification.

Don’t go for the short term cash haul.  Go for the long term synergy, collaboration and community.

Small-Medium Scale Production Facilities:  One of the reasons these places are so cheap is that the US has lost it’s manufacturing base, and people have been unable to find work in rural areas that were once full of small scale or larger factories…

This is generally awful for individuals, the economy and our societies, but – it DOES present an opportunity for you to benefit from the solution to the problem.

Are you a craftsman?  Can you produce anything?  Are you willing to take a 2 week journeyman bladesmithing course and open a high-end cutlery company?  Could you invest in a lathe/mill set up and fabricate something useful?

Whether the manufacturing base ever returns or not is really a moot point for our purposes.  The REAL point is that there are always going to be people who will pay for THE BEST, highest quality, custom/hand-made products created by real artists and artisans.

It could be you.

Residential training center/Ashram/Whatever:  Do you have a specific skill that you can teach other people?  It could be yoga, martial arts, leadership, sales, negotiation, or – just about anything that people are willing to pay for.

Give SERIOUS thought to the idea of a long-term or short-term (depending on the skillset) residential training facility or retreat center.

There’s gold in them there hills…

Some Examples Of Awesome Properties You Can Get At Or Dramatically Under The Cost Of An Urban House/Condo/Apartment


Property type: Land
Parcel Size: 2.16 Acres
Price: $63,000


This is a 17000 sq.ft brick school building with a gymnasium on 20 acres of rural land. Building is still in usable condition with some cleanup and TLC. Includes kitchen area with some fixtures. Can be easily converted to a day care, assisted living facility, or charter school. Ample parking and with gated rear access to parking lot. The property is approx. 70% wooded.

Property type: Land
Price: $44,900

Great development opportunity for an investor would make a great apartment house or office re conversion. Many of the old schools in the area I’ve done this already and have been successful.
Property type: Land
Price: $54,900

Maybe you fancy your own mansion. . . 
Check out this 111 year old mansion with over 4000 square feet on Hamilton’s Westside. All original hardwoods and doors. This is a diamond in the rough but amazing! Close to new 38 million dollar sports complex! After being vacant for 11 years, mansion is ready for renovations! Sold AS-IS with no guarantee or warranty.
Property type: House
Parcel Size: .39 Acres
Price: $62,000

Get Your Creative And Motivational Juices Flowing…


This is just a small sample of what’s available at LandWatch.com – there are LOTS more like this, and probably even more ideal properties for YOUR project, dream or muse.
There are also tons of ways that YOU could execute on owning a property like these and starting something BIG that not only benefits you, but benefits the people around you as well.
The determining factors are only whether or not you have a good enough idea, and the guts and grit to execute.
Let me know what your dream property is, and how you would use it . . . This is a personal obsession of mine, and I’m always interested in hearing what other people are doing, and in contributing any ideas or help I can to help people with guts achieve their dreams.
PRO TIP:  In the coming Trump era, regulations are going to be gutted, taxes are going down, and there are going to be grants given out like candy.  And real estate – even rural real estate IS going to trend back up.
Right NOW is the time to borrow at low-no interest, before the dollar inflates anymore, and while you still have a chance to get a substantive “first movers advantage” in almost any market .  .  .


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