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    Read The Four Elements Foundation Series

    This series lays out the basic frameworks of the Four Elements Training System, and how to not only improve, but dramatically transform all areas of your life to reach your own highest and best potential. The Four Elements Foundation Series is available for Kindle and in Paperback format as well.

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    Organize A Local Group

    Four Elements Training will benefit you tremendously - even if you only study and train alone, but - your results will be EXPONENTIALLY BETTER by working with other, like minded people. Find a few friends who are REALLY interested in personal development, or better yet - make some new friends and start a Four Elements Training Group near you.

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    Push Yourself To The Limits!

    All real learning requires behavior change, and all behavior change requires you to be outside of your comfort zone in order for change to take place. Develop a maniacal, 1 track mind which is focused on your physical, social, mental and post-personal development.

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    Integrate The Training And Make It Your Own

    Whether you want to follow our exact MTR's (Monthly Training Regiments) or not, focus on our 50/30/15/5 protocols and spend the vast majority of your time focusing on your physical health, your leadership and social influence, your mental power and your spiritual life.