Free Guided Meditation Video, Let Go, Let God

Let Go, Let God – a by Lynn A. Robinson. For more videos and affirmations, please visit www.LynnRobinson.com.

Healing Spirit: Guided Meditation for Anxiety, to Build Self Confidence and Relaxation

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  • JSwaggaUnplugged

    Loved this meditation! I feel so at peace and happy about the message I
    received! Thank you so much!

  • smg ka

    Hi . This is so beautiful! Lovely music and soothing voice over. I was
    directed here from The Secret website. This is indeed a super peaceful
    meditation. I was looking for one since ages. Just needed this now. Thank
    you for sharing! Blessings and love to you!

  • matt f

    Love it!!!

  • stephen flaherty

    Very nice great for beginners too 



  • Denisse Solis

    So beautiful

  • Prabhjot S. Bolina

    Hey This was extremely helpful and peaceful..I too was directed from The
    Secret website..My sincere gratitude to you..God bless you..n thank you!
    thank you! thank you! :) 

  • nurse1

    So nice! Much needed. And great reminder to let it go…let God ..cause he
    can & he will take care of whatever IT is!

  • Bob Neil

    Oh!!!!! It was great!!!!!Thanks a lot.May God bless u with all good things
    in this life and the life hereafter.

  • Brenda Gaines

    Thank you most heavenly for this …its beautiful. YOU are appreciated. :)

  • djc752

    This is beautiful; thank you. Can you tell me the title of this music track?

  • goingwiththeflowww

    better let the cat in when god decides – why wont she use the flap – anyway
    - check title of channel

  • Peace Peace.

    nice prayer

  • lon hix

    Beautiful. …thankyou

  • Trishaa G

    wooow <3 thank you so much

  • 8drewski


  • puffy clark

    very nice…

  • rosanne rosy rose

    Answers are always within for we are a partt of our beloved creator

  • Pat McDonald

    Beautifully presented! Powerfully healing! Is this meditation available in
    MP3 format? I would love to purchase it not only for myself but for my
    client practice. Thank you! Pat

  • HeronForlorn

    How Beautiful thank you and God Bless ~Jesus bless <3

  • StarFire Alternity

    Lovely :)) thank you Xx

  • Lynn A. Robinson

    So glad to hear it’s helpful to you! God bless…

  • savecoupons

    thank you that was very nice caroline

  • Carmel Kendall

    I love it its beautiful it relaxes me.

  • Maria del Mar Diaz

    Thank you. I loved it.. Namaste

  • Kyung Nag Koo

    Thank you so much for this video:)

  • Laura Filby

    Stunning. Exactly what I needed. Subscribing. X

  • gertrude sartor

    this felt good, and even better after the voice ended and the music took
    over. recommended

  • dseer13

    these things are more effective with no music….. why do they always play
    music? it can spark panic attacks..

  • Rachel LuvsKitties

    thank you, simple yet it works beautifully. Where did u find the music

  • gtr3cords

    It felt like 5 mins when is ended.
    But my mind is much more clear. Thanks for this :)

  • Adrian Bogdan

    Just relax…

  • Lori Bunn
  • Ramakant Barsagade
  • meditationrelaxclub
  • lopflodin

    was gonna tell you 2 stfu but then as i kept reading i agree’d sorry for
    judging you

  • Kathy Vrtar


  • German Sanchez

    Is Gud

  • Sanil Abraham

    great stuff

  • Trafalgar Law