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Busy, Busy, Busy, Sick – DEAD!

Does Your Current Level Of Success Equal Your Potential?

Are the actual results you’re getting in each of the 4 Quadrants of power – Physical Power, Social Power, Mental Power and Post-Personal Power – equal to its potential? Do you believe your current levels of growth and accomplishment are all that you’re capable of?

If you can honestly answer “Yes!” to those questions – if you know in your heart that you have already gained and done and experienced everything you’re capable of gaining and doing and experiencing – then please stop reading this right now. There’s nothing here that can help you.

But if you’re like most people who are SERIOUSLY INTERESTED in their own personal development. . . If your answer to these questions is an unqualified “No!”. . . If you are fully aware that you’ve only achieved a tiny fraction of the power you’re capable of – then this is going to be important for you.

  1. Because by the time you’ve finished reading, I’m going to give you an “Ah Ha!” moment that will explain why you’re not realizing your own potential – and that will instantly destroy any obstacle that’s blocking your path like an elephant headed Hindu deity.
  2. In a single flash of insight, you will understand the “Why” behind every failure you’ve ever experienced.
  3. You will understand precisely why you’re working harder and growing less now.
  4. And you will have taken the first step in a journey of a thousand miles to opening the floodgates of the 4 Quadrants Of Power and leaving your competitors in the dust!

While they continue banging their heads against their own limitations, getting this will empower you to rocket your power into the statosphere as if those ceilings – invisible or otherwise – simply don’t exist for you.

Now, let me ask you this:

Have you ever wondered why seem to put in more effort, but still aren’t getting the same kind of personal success as other people you see?

Has your frustration level reached highe enough levels to begin doubting whether or not there’s something wrong with you?

Have you ever asked yourself, your significant other, or a close friend:

…Why am I not living the life I want?
…What am I doing wrong?
…What’s wrong with me?
…Will I ever succeed?

And do you ever find yourself wondering . . .

“Why has achieving my goals and living the kind of life I REALLY WANT become so hard?”

Frankly, if you’ve ever asked yourself any of these nagging questions, you are NOT alone!

My inbox is flooded every day of the week with emails from people struggling to keep their heads above water while working on their martial art training, leadership, strategy, and meditation.

They’re confused, frustrated, and depressed because they don’t understand why everything they want to do for their own lives has suddenly grown so complicated.

How about you? You’re doing everything by the book; applying proven principles that the experts guarantee will explode your potential and you’re doing it every day of your life.

You spend more time training, studying, or researching than you do with your loved ones.

Your day consists of frustrations and aggravation. It feels like a giant game of Whack-A-Mole – every time you solve one problem, two or three even more stubborn challenges pop up.

And yet you’re plagued by the knowledge that while you continue banging your head against one “invisible ceiling” after another, other people are quickly blasting through . . . Becoming more awesome effortlessly, and so much more quickly . . . than you are.

I’m talking about people who don’t know a fraction of what you do . . .
Who have no idea what it’s like to work as hard or as long as you do. . .
who have never sacrificed as much to succeed as you have . . .
and who are DESTROYING YOU in every important area of life.

Until recently, I knew I didn’t have the answer for you or for the people who write me, asking for help. I did my best, referring them to books and other material I’ve published over the years. But deep down inside, I feared there was something missing. And that “something” was an easy, “done for you” training system for physical, social, mental and post-personal success which you can take with you wherever life leads you.

But as I dug in, I quickly realized that creating such a training system is a tall, TALL order. And finding the answer took me much more time, research and effort than all of my previous work combined.

But now, after many years, I can honestly say that I’ve found the answer for you. And because it’s already helping so many people – and also because nobody else is teaching this – I’ve decided to release MASTERING THE FOUR ELEMENTS:  A Philosophy Of Fighting, Leadership, Strategy & Meditation. I’ll talk more about that soon, though.

Running ever-faster; succeeding ever-slower

Many people interested in their own personal development seem to pursue success as if it were a race – on that keeps going faster and faster, with no end in sight. As the scope of our work accelerates, many people are desperately looking for shortcuts.

But no matter how hard we try, we come up short. So to many people are making sacrifices. Obsessed with results, they’re sacrificing their health, their families, their money and their happiness.

But they still press on. And the hunger to be an “overnight success” drives us to become “crazy busy”, going even faster. I call it an “ASAP” Life. There’s growing pressure always to find ways to do everything faster than we did it yesterday.

Are you feeling it right now?

Yes? So are most martial artists, leaders, strategists and human potential folks. Anytime that I randomly ask, “Are you tired?” a large majority answer “Yes”, no matter what time of day they answer.

When asked, “Are you making more of an effort than you thought you would?”, a majority agree heartily no matter what age they are.

“No matter what age!”  That means the pressure on you will only grow. Today’s superman work/study/training/ regimen will be the bare minimum in just a few years.

That’s insane! Is this what your life is for? Is this how you define “success?” Is THIS the kind of life you signed up for?

Busy, Busy, Busy, Sick – DEAD!

Being busy once in a while is fine, but when “busy-ness” becomes a way of life, with little to no downtime, there’s a very real problem.

It’s easy to mistake our “busy-ness” for purpose, focus, drive and clarity in training or study. But permanent, frenetic activity is never as productive as it seems.

Don’t believe me? Try asking yourself this:

“What did I really do for my own development yesterday that’s worth mentioning?”

Sadly, most people don’t have an answer. When I ask my students this question, they stare at me; perplexed and confused.

Then, the realization hits them like a ton of bricks: They’re stuck in a big hamster wheel – running faster and faster, but not really going anywhere.

Because if you’re always busy, one of the first things to go, often, is your ability to discriminate between things you really need to do and those you might not need to do at all. You start confusing effort with effectiveness.

Lao Zi said: “Free from desire, you realize the mystery. Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations.” And“Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill. Keep sharpening your knife and it will blunt. . . Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity.”

  • We strive for better things, but have less time to enjoy them.
  • We spend more time learning but do less.
  • We have beloved friends that we hardly ever see.
  • We have children who grow up fast while we’re working.
  • We buy more toys but enjoy them less.
  • Life is passing us by while we work like mad just to keep up.
  • We’re so busy trying to succeed in life that we’re often to busy to LIVE.
  • Our daily tasks receive our best energy, and your spirits get the crumbs from the table.

Because so many people are living for a future that never arrives, we actually forget how to really live. We get so obsessed with our training, study or work, and the undone things on our mental to-do lists that we approach our free time in an “imperative” mood – the feeling that we should be doing something, anything, to use the empty time and relieve our vague sense of training-guilt.

So let me ask you another question:

Are you confusing being busy with importance, and neglecting the truly important pieces of your life?

When the thing that really matters in life – the chance to LIVE  has been shoved aside by the demands of expanding our achievements . . .

The dream of success quickly becomes the nightmare of a life of sacrifice for the wrong things!

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “life is what happens when you’re making other plans.” The human potential version would be, “life is what passes you by when you’re busy increasing your potential for life.”

If any of this sounds familiar to you, let this be your warning: You’re on a path towards a disastrous result. Total burnout and – to add insult to injury – towards failure.

Does This Sound Like Anyone You Know?

Deep down, you’ve probably known this truth for a long time. You know that you’re chained to your training, your diet, etc. LIFE is passing you by. And if something isn’t done – and done soon – you’re heading to ward painful regrets and heartbreak.

If the only reason you are speeding up . . . barely skimming the surface of life . . . so you’ll have to skim more of the surface of life – and never having the time or energy to savor LIFE ITSELF – where does that leave you?

I’ll TELL you where it leaves you: One day, you’ll wake up like so many people do, realizing that LIFE has passed you by!

Here’s a big clue that you need a course correction: You’re still constantly trying to do more, but no matter how much you do, you aren’t doing enough.

A study by psychology professor Tim Kasser at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois reveals that as training hours go up and “free” time goes down, feelings of life satisfaction and vitality itself plummet, while health problems and negative emotions increase.

Why you’re only one obstacle away from getting the exact life you really want…

Only the POTENTIAL of your life is determined

by your talents, knowledge, commitment

and the amount of time and effort you spend trying to make it better.

The ACTUAL SUCCESS of your life is determined

by your constraints.

I want you to read the two paragraphs above again – aloud – and as you hear the worlds, think about them:

“The POTENTIAL of my life is determined by my talents, knowledge, commitment and effort.

“But the ACTUAL SUCCESS of my life is determined by MY CONSTRAINTS.”

Now, let’s say it differently this time:

“The POTENTIAL growth and development of my life depends on what I put into it.

“The ACTUAL growth and development of my life will be determined by the things that limit or cancel the return on my investment.”

“Only when I eliminate my constraints – the things that block my path – will my actual success rise to the level of my potential success.”

This is a truly revolutionary thought: The entire human potential movementis focused on the wrong thing. It’s not about increasing your potential. It should be about increasing your ACTUAL success!

Every year people spend billions of dollars on martial arts training, leadership and personal develop courses, and meditation retreats that promise to leverage their strengths. . . increase their knowledge. . . intensify their self discipline. I’ll bet you’ve done it yourself!

And every morning, thousands of people – including you – put in every available hour and expend every ounce of energy they have into their own success.

They think they’re doing what is required to be successful. In truth, all they’re doing is what’s required to create the potential for success.

Since when has THAT become your goal?

Think: If you’re tapping 20% of your potential now and you double your potential. . .

Doesn’t that just mean you’re now experiencing only 10% of the actual results you’re looking for?

That’s why it’s so important to begin at the beginning – by answering this all important question, “What’s my lifes’ goal?” What’s the real goal of this life I’m creating?”
Is it to increase your potential? Or is it to actually increase your physical, social, mental and post-personal power?

Is it to spend the rest of your life solving the same problems over and over again? Or is it to build a wildly awesome life – and do it as easily as possible, as quickly as possible, and with as little effort as possible?

Now, this is important, so read it twice too:

The ONLY way to turn your potential for success into actually success is to blow away the constraints in your life that are now blocking your path.

Allow me to explain . . .

Le’ts say you run a bakery. And let’s say you have a great location and offer truly awesome donuts. The world is beating down a path to your door; you could sell as many donuts as you can make. But your employees are only making 100 donuts per hour.

So you take a good look at your operation in order to find ways to double your output, and you find that . . .

You’ve seen how the guy who mixes and rolls the dough seems to be spending to much time flirting with the glaze girl and you know that he should be making mor ethan the 100 donuts per hour he’s now producing.

You you tell him to cool his jets and focus on his work . . . Show him techniques that will make him more efficient – maybe even buy him some fancy new equipment – to help him double his output.

You’ve also noticed that the girl who adds the sprinkles takes to many soke breaks and also only prepares 100 donuts and hour.

So you work with her to double her output too.

Finally, after investing substantial time and effort to double the number of donuts your employees make each hour, you watch your daily sales with great anticipation, expecting your revenues and profits to double.

But they don’t.

So you announce a big meeting. You call the dough guy and the sprinkles girl to the carpet. “I showed you how to double the number of donuts you make. I spent hours with you to help you double the number of donuts you put sprinkles on. I spent a small fortune on new gadgets to help you work more efficiently. Why haven’t you doubled your production?!”

“We have,” they say. “Just look in the kitchen!”

You do. . . and sure enough; there are piles of unbaked donuts spoling next to the oven.

Because the dough boy’s output wasn’t your real constraint. The sprinkles girl wasn’t your limitation.

The choke point – the real constraint was the fact that no matter how many donuts the dough guy and the sprinkles gall prepare. . . your oven is only large enough to bake 100 donuts an hour.

And so, even though you’ve invested all that time, trouble and money, you solved THE WRONG PROBLEM. You only increased your potential for greater output – not your actual output or revenues or results. In the end, you accomplished nothing. You’re still selling just 100 donuts a day. Your results haven’t improved one bit.

If instead, you had invested your time and effort to identify and remove the real constraint – the fact that the oven can only handle 100 donuts per hour – your return on investment could have been realized almost immediately.

My point is, once the things that hold you back are correctly identified and removed, everything falls into place as if by magic. Where once, the application of your talents, knowledge, commitment and effort yieldedonly disappointing results, they suddenly begin to pay off – exponentially.
Ok – while you chew on that one, here’s something else to think about:

99% of the time, the problems you deal with and the obstacles that block your path are NOT your real constraints.

Now unless I miss my guess, you’re already making a mental checklist of the constraints in your life – the obstacles in your path; the things that are holding you back.

But before you go rushing off in a dozen directions at once, it’s important that we take the next step together. Because unless you truly get MASTERING THE FOUR ELEMENTS, the odds are that you’ll just be spinning your wheels.

Because in reality, the things you think are constraints aren’t the real constraints.


Because the pain that a constraint causes is rarely felt at the point of that constraint, but somewhere else in the process.

Take our little example above, for instance. The owner of the bakery saw the dough boy and the sprinkles girl wasting time. He saw customers he had to turn away eah day.

That’s where he was feeling the pain. Those were the obvious things he thought had to be fixed. It was logical to assume that if he could just solve those problems, his output and profits would soar; so he invested his time and effort to solve those problems.

But because he was working on the wrong problem, all his energy and effort didn’t do a single thing to increase his production.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY: Correctly identifying; then focusing your time and energy on your REAL constraints is the only way to create the breakthrough you’re looking for.

Look: The old metaphor, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” couldn’t be more true, here.

All chains have one link that’s weaker than the others. And that link ALONE determines how much weight the whole chain can lift. If you have a chain that can lift, say, 2,000 pounds, it’s because at 2,001 pounds, theweakest link in that chain breaks.

You can spend countless hours and a kings ransom to strengthen all the other links in that chain and it will still lift only 2,000 pounds.

But if instead, you focus on identifying and strengthening ONLY the weakest link so it can lift, say, 4,000 pounds, your investment in time and effort will result in a significant increase in the weight the chain can lift.

And then, you move on to the next weakest link. . . the next. . . and the next . . . you will see immediate and constant improvement in how that chain performs.

Obvious; right? Not at all! Think about it for a moment. How much time do you spend every day solving problems in your life that won’t do anything to increase the QUALITY of YOUR LIFE?


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