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Building Self Esteem

Feeling bad about yourself is perhaps one of the dozens of characteristics when it comes to having a low amount of self-esteem. Getting to know more about its causes, and taking the necessary steps to build it up will surely help you get rid of those harmful, negative thoughts. But if you’re fully convinced that positive thinking isn’t working its magic on you, then you can also contact professional support to get the help you need. Building self-esteem is one of the best ways to enhance your life.


What is Self-Esteem?


Self-esteem refers to a person’s complete evaluation of his or her own self. Self-esteem involves judging one’s own self, as well as their outlook towards themselves as a whole. The idea of self-esteem covers a person’s beliefs about their own self, together with the emotional states including pride, triumph, and shame. It’s interesting to discuss the idea of self-esteem, since plenty of online researchers have discovered that it can influence certain aspects of one’s behavior, including their happiness, academic achievement, and satisfaction in personal relationships.


Psychologists have often considered self-esteem as a strong personality characteristic, using normal and short-term variants. Symptoms of a person’s excellent self-esteem include their self-worth, self-respect, self-integrity, and self-regard.


What is Low Self-Esteem?


Low self-esteem is the end result of many different factors, including genetic factors, their physical appearance, mental health issues, socioeconomic status, bullying, or peer pressure at school or work. People who have very low self-esteem are highly critical of themselves, while some will rely on other people’s approval and acknowledgement when talking about one’s own self-worth. Meanwhile, others will tend to measure up their own likeability when it comes to success.


In certain cases of low self-esteem, a person will tend to accept themselves more if they succeed at something, but will criticize themselves heavily if they fail in the same thing. People who have a low amount of self-esteem will feel incapable, unloved, unworthy, and incompetent at whatever they’re doing. Since these people will feel so bad about themselves, it could cause a continued sense of low self-esteem.


There are many differences between an individual who carries low self-esteem, versus a person with a high or normal self-esteem. For instance, a person with low self-esteem tends to concentrate on his or her own growth and improvement, while those who don’t have enough self-esteem will be extra careful not to make any huge mistakes in life.


Low self-esteem has been linked to plenty of negative outcomes, which includes depression and anxiety.


Those who have low self-esteem are often too stressed by the thought of failing, and have the tendency to exaggerate events as something very negative. For instance, people with low self-esteem will see non-critical comments as something critical. They are also prone to experiencing plenty of social anxiety, and low interpersonal confidence. Social interaction with other people can be hard since the individual feels a strong sense of shyness, awkwardness, and cannot properly express themselves during a conversation. They also become pessimistic and anxious towards people and groups within society.


Top 5 Signs of Low Self-Esteem


It’s completely normal for you to feel bad about yourself once in a while. But when these type of feelings happen often, then this could be a sign of low self-esteem. If you do happen to have low self-esteem, this probably means you don’t value yourself enough as a person, and have negative feelings about your self-worth. There are plenty of signs of low self-esteem, which includes:

  • Being really critical of yourself
  • Concentrating more on the negative aspects and not focusing on your accomplishments
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Not accepting given compliments
  • Negative self-talk


There are many reasons as to why a person builds self-esteem. The first step on how to improve one’s self-esteem is to find out why it was even low to begin with in the first place. There are plenty of different activities that could result in low self-esteem. Loneliness, bullying, poor performance in work or school, abuse, and neglect are only a couple of reasons. However, it’s not easy to pinpoint out the exact reason why you have low self-esteem. People who have low self-esteem never really acknowledge it, or don’t even bother to find out where it first started. But no matter if you know exactly what caused this, there are plenty of ways in which you can improve your confidence, and bring your self-esteem back up.


How to Build Self-Esteem


There’s nothing more important than knowing how you really feel and think about your own self. Having a decent enough opinion about who you are, and what you do, is, unfortunately, very rare especially in today’s society. Why must people build their self-esteem and have a good opinion about themselves?


First, when you love or at least like yourself more, then things just fall into place. You won’t be able to face too many obstacles in life. You won’t get to beat yourself down too often over the tiniest mistake.


When a person likes themselves, they won’t find attempts to seek validation and attention from their peers. And in turn, they become less needy and their inner lives won’t be too much of an emotional obstacle based on whatever people might say or feel about them.


A lot of people with low self-esteem consider themselves to be their own worst enemy. If they can keep their self-esteem at a very high level, they’ll start to feel like they deserve the better things in life. They’ll end up going after the things they want the most, and with lots of motivation.


Top 4 Tips on How to Boost Self-Esteem


How does one improve their self-esteem in a reasonable way? Here are some tips on how to to boost self-esteem and maintain it when things go low:


  1. Tell your inner critic to stop. Learn how to replace your inner critic’s voice. An inner critic is the voice that plants negative thoughts in your head. Replace it with more positive thoughts. Afterwards, turn your focus to something more constructive.
  2. Use better motivation habits. Remind yourself of the benefits and advantages you’ll receive once you reach your goal. It also helps to focus on the things you love doing the most – So each time you lose the will to do something, ask yourself ‘Am I doing what I really want to do?’ then start working on the things that seem important.
  3. Before going to sleep, write down three things that you appreciate the most about yourself.
  4. Whenever you do something and feel like it’s the proper thing for yourself, then this can raise your self-esteem greatly. Give someone a compliment. Eat healthy. Exercise daily. This will surely set the tone for your day ahead.


Effective Self-Esteem Activities


If you don’t have a positive outlook about yourself or the world around you, then you need to apply some sort of self-esteem activities to improve this outlook.


There’s the Three Compliments Journal: You will need a blank journal, or any type of notebook, and a pen/pencil. Whenever you get up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror, grab your notebook and pen, and give yourself three compliments. This allows you to focus on your positive sides. Write down the compliments, and read it aloud in front of the mirror. Then, congratulate yourself.


Take care of your body, soul, and mind. Listen to whatever they want. Maybe your body is telling you that you need to exercise more. Go to the gym and start eating healthy. Perhaps your soul is telling you that you miss someone – An old friend, or a relative that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Go send them an email, give them a call, or, if you want to, ask to meet up with them at a coffee shop or restaurant. Catch up on each other’s lives. This will certainly fill both of your hearts with joy. What if your mind is telling you to try something new? Learn how to play an instrument, or enroll in a foreign language class. Buy a new bicycle and practice biking around your neighborhood. You can also learn how to meditate and calm yourself.


Changing your diet and keeping a healthy and fit lifestyle can also contribute to a better self-esteem. Nurture yourself with plenty of healthy meals. Not only can they provide a good influence on your health, but they can improve your mental stability as well. Eat more fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and multi-grain or whole-grain cereals.


If you own the right equipment, feel free to make your own freshly-squeezed juices. These are filled with all-natural vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Skip the junk food, sugary snacks, and other meals loaded with salt and fats. Avoid foods with processed vegetable oil. And as much as possible, stick to poultry or fish if you want to eat meat. Exercise every day – Even something simple as a 20-minute jog or a stretching activity. Try out yoga, Pilates, aerobics, or martial arts if you want. These self-esteem activities can surely boost your self-confidence, and make you feel physically and mentally good as well.

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