A Beginners Guide To Archery

Archery is one of the most common sports enjoyed by many men. Not all people are capable of shooting bows and arrows, though. It takes years of practice before you can actually master the sport. If you really want to learn archery, then you’d have to dedicate your time and effort to practicing it. Otherwise, you will not even be able to hit a huge target in front of you.


In the past, archery was used more often in combat rather than as a sport. It was also used in hunting, which was a very common activity for men during that time. With the use of just a simple bow and a couple of arrows, hunters could already take home large portions of animal meat. Historically, knowing how to shoot using bow and arrows was a means of survival, not just a simple sport.


Archery for Beginners


At first glance, archery may seem like a difficult sport, but in reality it isn’t. Once you get the hang of it, you will find archery enjoyable. The only difficult thing about archery is controlling the power to shoot. If you put too little power on the bow, then you’re most likely to miss the target as the arrow will fall short before it. If you put too much power on the equipment, then there’s a great possibility that your arrow will just go over your target. Archery for beginners will teach you everything there is to know about archery, including self-control.


The very first thing you need to know as a novice is the different kinds of archery equipment that you can use. There is a specific type of equipment to use depending on your reason for doing archery. You can’t expect a bow and arrow used during the Olympics to be used in hunting as well. Although it’s not really that impossible to do, it would be best to use the specific equipment fit for the occasion.


4 Types of Archery


Another thing you need to consider when learning this sport is the different types of archery today. Basically, there are only 4 types of archery that are officially recognized all over the world. The first type is the Target Archery which is the only type that’s allowed in the Olympics. Target archery consists of shooting arrows from a specific distance. The players will try to shoot the target within the time limit intended per round.


The second type is known as Field Archery. This is done in the fields, as its name suggests. This is best for hiking and archery enthusiasts. In this activity, the archers will go out on the fields (usually in forests) to shoot stationary targets that are prepositioned by the group who prepared the trail. This is considered a hobby, rather than a formal sport.


The third type is known as 3D Archery. This is for all those who love going outdoors for some adventure. 3D archery is done outside, usually in the woods, where archers shoot a 3D foam target. Usually, these foam targets take the form of animals, which gives off a hunting vibe for the archers.


The fourth type is more known as Bow Hunting. This is done by professional hunters who go up to the mountains or in the wild to hunt for animals. As you can see, the main difference between the Target Archery and the other types of archery is that the former is done on a flat field, while others are done outside a stadium. No matter which type you are interested in, it’s important to learn the basics first before doing the actual thing.


4 Types of Archery Equipment


After deciding on the type of archery you want to learn about, it’s only fitting and proper to know some archery equipment that you can use. Using the right equipment will help you perform better. It will also help you shoot targets more accurately. If you are a novice in this field, then you would need a little assistance in choosing your very first bow. Having the right bow is very important for beginners so that you can start off on the right foot.


Here is a list of the equipment you can use for archery:


  1. Recurve Bows
  • This type of bow has curved limbs that store more energy than those bows with straight limbs. Because of its design, the bow produces more power compared to straight-limbed bows when strung by the archer. The limbs of recurve bows are usually made from fiberglass that is multilayered. Although the overall review for this type of archery equipment is great, it has one downside. It produces a lot of noise when strung by the archer. If you don’t care much about the sound it makes when being strung, then this bow would be recommendable. By the way, this type of bow is most commonly used by athletes joining the Olympics today.
  1. Compound Bows
  • This is a traditional bow that has straight limbs. However, it makes use of a lever system that makes it possible for the archer to bend the limbs toward him. Because of this feature, the limbs of compound bows are made sturdier than any other bows. It means giving the archer a lot of advantage when it comes to striking power. Since the bow is strong enough, the archer can put more power on the string and pull harder. This will enable an archer to shoot long range targets.
  1. Traditional Bows
  • Longbows are considered traditional bows. This equipment is used during the olden times, and even up to this very moment. This is the most advisable type of bow for beginners because it’s so easy to operate. It has long limbs that allow the archer to store more power before releasing the string.
  1. Crossbows
  • This is more complex archery equipment, but is probably the most amazing of them all. A crossbow was first developed during 6 BC and it was mostly used as a weapon in the battlefield. Today, crossbows are commonly used by hunters in the wild. It’s basically a bow that is attached to a mount known as STOCK. This feature allows the archer to pre-load the bow with arrows even if he wants to use it at a later time. The arrows used for crossbows are significantly shorter compared to others but it’s certainly more powerful.


Where to Buy Archery Supplies – 3 Popular Archery Stores


When you have chosen the right bow for you, make sure you know where to buy the ones you chose. Although there are a lot of land-based stores who sell archery supplies, it would be easier to purchase online. Online shopping gives you more options to choose from. Just make sure that you know the specs of the archery equipment you want to purchase.


Here are some stores that sell supplies used in archery:


  1. Cabela’s
  • You can visit this store at cabelas.com. They have a wide variety of sports equipment including archery supplies. You can see a whole section of equipment only intended for archers. They also have recommended items which you might want to check first.
  1. Alternative Sporting Shop
  • This is an online ordering shop that ships orders both locally and internationally. You can visit them at alternativess.com.
  1. Lancaster
  • This is the leading store that sells everything you need for archery. It’s quite a great site because the items are updated and there’s featured equipment every week for your reference. You can shop there today by visiting lancasterarchery.com.


Top 3 Bow Hunting Tips


Bow hunting is one of the types of archery that is still widely practiced today. This activity uses a bow an arrow to hunt animals in the wild instead of using modern guns. The equipment used in this activity are usually crossbows, compound bows and the traditional bows. Unlike shooting stationary targets, hunting with the use of bow and arrow can be difficult. You need to be as alert and agile as possible for you to catch the prey.


Here are some bow hunting tips for you to remember:


  • Practice your archery skills before going to the field. Since you will only be using bow and arrows, you better master how to use it. This will give you an advantage over your prey. Make sure to master accurate target shooting as much as possible. It will give you more catch when you go out for a hunt.
  • Check your equipment. The wild, or even just the forest, is a dangerous setting. You don’t know what you will encounter there while hunting. There may be wild animals on the loose. That’s why it is important to always check the functionality of your equipment before heading out. Make sure you become the predator and the animals your prey, not the other way around.
  • Scout your hunting location days before the planned hunt. This will give you a better view of your hunting area. You need to at least familiarize the place in order to hunt properly and find an escape route when things get worse.


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