Affinity Based Caste System (The ABC’s Of The Four Elements System)

The Four Elements Training System, now and in future iterations uses an Affinity Based Caste structure.

What that means, at the simplest level is that people focus on what they like, what they’re good at, and where they can benefit the group the most.

The basic caste structure follows our Four Elements model, and consists of:

  • Warriors
  • Leaders
  • Strategists
  • Sages

At one level, this can be viewed as a pyramid structure, wherein our 50-30-15-5 structure applies to the number of people fulfilling each elemental role at any given time.

What that means, is that in general, 50% of people should be focusing on physical training helping others stay healthy, leading physical training, and doing productive work for the cell, and the greater body.  30% should be focused on leadership roles (this must be thought of more as a mentoring role than a management role), motivating and organizing people towards accomplishing specific goals.  15% should be focused on intellectual and strategic concerns such as research and preparing material to be taught, etc. and 5% should focus on mastery of post-personal power, instructing others when it comes to meditation, morality and ethics, etc.

The Ultimate In Cross-Training

The result of this type of structure is that every individual member of the local cell, and the greater body are well trained in fighting, leadership, strategy and meditation, and can fit into any of those roles as the need or desire demands.

The ABC’s is a VOLUNTARY structure, and members can change focuses and orientations depending on their own interests, developmental progress and needs of the group.

The Eye Of The Storm

Each cell revolves around a nucleus – the Volunteer Facilitator (VF).

The VF takes on the role of planning and scheduling weekly or regular group training, maintaining contact with individual members, organizing communication structures (private online groups, SMS lists, etc.) , and integrating their cell with the greater body through attending conferences and meetings, participating in experience and insight sharing at, etc.

VF’s are a service position, rather than a position of authority, and members of any of the four castes may serve in this role.