People with naturally high awakening potential (AP) will have an immediate and almost visceral reaction to seeing the FETS logo for the first time.

The emblem is a timeless embodiment of the FETS and the First, Second, Third and Fourth Watch.

Structure Of The FETS Emblem

The FETS/4th Watch emblem is centered around the eye of the storm (ETS) in the center and is surrounded by four balanced elements.

Exoteric Meaning

In general, we can understand the ETS as representing personal awakening and the development of our own highest and best potential.

This is accomplished through focused, dedicated and disciplined training with The Four Elements frameworks (FEF’s).

  1. The Earth Element represents gross physical power, health and bio-survival potential.
  2. The Water element represents subtle inter-personal power, leadership and social skills.
  3. The Fire Element represents, causality, mental power, and both strategic and ecological thinking.
  4. The Air Element represents non-duality, post-personal development and awakening to the ultimate nature of the “self”.

Each of the Four Elements is balanced and equally important to our ultimate development.

Esoteric Meaning

On another, more esoteric level, the FETS/4th Watch logo can be understood as the realization of the great circle of history (GCH) and the knowledge of the arising and passing away (A&P) of human society through the four watches of time (FWT’s).

As stated in the opening introductory video, each cell in the human body and every thing in phenomenological existence goes through the same process of creation>stasis>degeneration>destruction, and then a nearly identical, similar cell arises to take the place of the cell which has just passed away, continuing the cycle.

Human society and the human world also follow this path.

Social Meaning

The FETS/4th Watch emblem also exemplifies the ideal social order for individual cells and the greater body of the FETS.

Each ABC is equally important, and functions as part of an integrated whole at the local level, and each cell is equally important and functions as part of an integrated whole of the greater body of FETS.