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“For those men who demand only the best of what life has to offer – EarthWaterFireAir is for you.”


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Our goods are not just another piece of metal, fabric or leather – made by hand by South Asia’s premier poly-artisan, each piece represents the ultimate tool for the high-achieving man, which will last a lifetime and beyond.

EarthWaterFireAir men’s goods are not for everyone. In fact they’re available to only .0001% of the world’s population to ensure the highest caliber of personal service and detail is provided to each owner.

A superlative is not a comparative. The best cannot be compared to anything else. We set our own standards and do not adhere to fashions or trends. We focus on promotive emotions (self-elevation, pleasure, recognition), not prevention emotions (risk reduction, absence of problem and discomfort).


A life dedicated to personal transformation – and now dedicated to  YOUR TRANSFORMATION – The highlights…


A Passage To India…

Nearly 20 years ago, badly damaged and likely psychotic, Jon Anxin boarded a plane bound for the Rajasthani dessert of India with a 1 way ticket and less than $50 to his name, and -after a couple of weeks of hunger and thirst in the dessert – began turning things around.


Thick Black Theory Translated And Released…

Released the first and only translation of Li Zongwu’s classic lost work on power and success – Thick black Theory.

Banned in 1911 – my translations of Thick Black Theory, Psychology And Mechanics, I Distrust The Saints, etc. set a new standard for personal power.


Awarded By Chinese Ministry Of Culture…

Recognized and awarded by Chinese Ministry Of Culture for major accomplishments in translation and culture transmission.


Joined Monastic University In Myanmar (Burma)…

Accepted to and joined Theravada Buddhist monastic university in Myanmar (Burma) with a focus on Pali language and Abhidhamma studies.


Formally Accepted Into New Martial Lineage…

Formally accepted by current Grandmaster and national Masters into a little known Burmese martial lineage as a student and teacher trainee.