8 Popular Guns For Home And Self Defense

“Being endowed with teeth and mounting horns, having claws in front and spurs in back, coming together when happy, fighting when angry, this is the way of Heaven, it cannot be stopped.
Thus those that lack Heavenly weapons provide them themselves.”

Sun Bin’s Military Methods

Note:  Living in Myanmar, I don’t have guns or access to guns, and don’t carry them.  However, I grew up around them and have no problems with stable, responsible adults owning them.  In fact, my dad gave me my first rifle when I was 10 years old, and I had and had access to guns my entire life before leaving the USA, but never once pointed one at another human being.  Luckily, I never needed to.

But – if you’re here to argue with me about gun ownership, you’re probably barking up the wrong tree.  Regardless of what the constitution says, or what the law is – I believe that free people have the right to own weapons.  That’s the real bottom line – not any legal arguments.  See the Sun Bin quote above for your reference.

With that said, I give you –

Popular Guns For Home And Self Defense

Today’s crime rate has become increasingly alarming. Every single day, there are reports showing crimes that happen over night. Usually, these crimes involve theft, robbery, kidnapping, rape and homicide. These crimes have somehow become an ordinary incident in many places all over the world nowadays. This might be because of poverty, culture, the general decline of morality or could be brought about by various reasons. Nevertheless, it is still important to practice self defense in order to avoid these crimes.

Knowing various techniques to defend yourself will help you in so many ways. Not only will it help you not become an easy target, but it will also help you avoid falling victim to a lot of heinous crimes.

Remember, you only have one life, and that life is worth fighting for.

There are a number of ways on how you can practice self-defense. One is by learning some martial arts, Judo or boxing techniques. You can also opt for a more extreme defense method by carrying guns. This will protect you against criminals but it will also expose you to the risk of serving jail time, when used inappropriately. You should also keep in mind that carrying unlicensed weapons may result to serious consequences under the law.

Best Guns for Home Defense

Your home is one of the safest places you could ever be at, until some random criminal barges in and invades your comfort zone. You never know when these criminals will attack, so it would be best to stay alert at all times. You should never let these criminals take away the peace and comfort you can only find in your home. Buying the best guns that are fit for defending one’s self is highly recommended.

There are several types of guns you can buy today. There are guns fit for professionals and there are guns that are only for self defense purposes. Here, you will know about the appropriate type of guns that will defend your lives in times of dangers.

Here are some of the best guns you can use in your home today to “discourage” criminals:

  1. Glock 17

This may not be the most appealing gun in the market today, but it is very functional for people who want to have self defense tools in their homes. This hand gun is designed for professionals but it can also be used by non-pros because it is basically easy to operate. You do not need to undergo rugged training in order to fire this hand gun at criminals.  The Glock 17 is highly reliable and more commonly used by law enforcement agents. Its magazine is also larger than average ones because it accommodates 17 rounds for this standard-sized pistol.  The Glock 17 is also equipped with a safe action trigger and is really lightweight compared to other standard hand guns. This is one of the best guns you can find as a home defense tool.

  1. Mossberg 500 Flex

Now this is for those who don’t want to keep their defense intentions low key.  The Mossberg 500 is a shotgun that is often used by professional law enforcement agents, military forces and licensed gun carriers. This is an upgraded version of the Mossberg 500 Tactical with the addition of Flex TLS Locking System that doesn’t require any tools. This additional feature allows you to customize and accessorize your shot gun easily. Mossberg 500 Flex comes with a 26/28 inch vent-rib that adds functionality to the shotgun. Once a criminal sees this Mossberg 500 Flex pointed at him, he would definitely think twice about targeting you as a victim.

  1. AR -15

Many Americans rely on rifles probably because they are easy to use. The AR-15 is a very competent weapon that can be best used as home defense. Because of its lightweight nature, the AR-15 will suit every member of the family who might need it. Generally, an AR-15 rifle only weighs about 6 pounds, a weight significantly lower compared to a shotgun or other high-end rifles.

There are various types of AR-15 rifles on the market today, but the best for civilians like you are the semi-automatic ones. Well, you don’t really have that much of a choice since the fully automatic rifles are only issued to the military in most cases. The only difference between a semi-automatic AR-15 and the automatic AR-15 is the number of bullets fired per trigger squeeze. For the semi-automatic AR-15, one press on the trigger will only shoot one bullet.

The best thing about AR-15 rifles is that they have modular designs. This means you can customize your rifle according to your own specifications and needs. You can change some parts of your rifle and these parts can easily be found in your local gun stores. If you do not want to buy an assembled rifle, you can assemble your own if you are capable enough of building your own custom rifle.


Best Guns for Concealed Carry

Crimes do not only happen at home. They can also happen in the streets, or anywhere you go. While the best advice is to avoid high-risk areas and situations, keep your nose clean and live a simple, quiet and responsible life, there are situations where concealed carry is reasonable and appropriate. Guns that can be carried concealed are very convenient for civilians who are going to unsafe places. Just be sure to have a license to carry this type of weapon to be safe from authorities.

Guns that can be carried concealed are not only for civilians like you. Most of the time, they are used by the police during special operations that require them to conceal their identities as police officers. At times like these, they cannot possibly carry a rifle because it will surely turn the whole operation into a failure.

These weapons can also be used by women, because they have become weak targets these days.  You do not know when you could become a target by these cruel criminals. Before it gets worse, you should know that defending yourself is a top priority. Bringing any weapon that will give you time to run during unfortunate events is a must, just like a gun.

Here are some of the best concealed carry guns that are available in the market today:

  1. Glock 43

One of the most important things you need to consider when choosing guns for concealed carry is its size, of course. The Glock 43 is one of the best choices for this category because it can be carried and concealed conveniently, even by female gun owners. With regards to its dimensions, the Glock 43 is fit for small to medium-fisted individuals since it is smaller than any most other handguns But large-fisted individuals shouldn’t really worry because there is an available Glock 43 model with extended magazine that will lenthen the size of the grip.

The Glock 43 is also often chosen by Americans because of its reliability and accuracy.  This gun’s shooting range is up to 7 yards, which is perfect for a self defense weapon. You can easily shoot your target at an arm’s length distance, or even a little bit farther.

  1. Beretta PX4 Storm – Sub Compact

This is another best seller when it comes to convenient “pocket guns”. The Beretta PX4 Storm shocked gun enthusiasts with its eccentric design and full functionality. Well, that really shouldn’t come as a surprise knowing that Beretta is one of the oldest and most trusted arms-maker in the world.  The PX4 Storm is currently one of the smallest high-end 9mm guns for sale in the market today.

The Beretta PX4 Storm Subcompact’s design is unlike any other. With one look, you will automatically know that it is Beretta. The good thing about this tiny weapon is that it allows 13+1 capacity to its user. This gun also has a modular design which means you can customize it to meet your gun carry needs.

The Beretta PX4 Storm also has two of the best features a gun could ever have. One is the light rail component. This is very important because it will allow you to still shoot targets accurately despite darkness and oftentimes, criminal attempts occur during night time.

The other feature is the trigger-finger locators. This is important, especially to first time gun owners. Having big hands and trying to hold a Beretta PX4 Storm Subcompact will somehow be hard, especially when locating the tiny trigger. You really don’t need to rest your finger on the trigger if you do not have the intention to shoot. This trigger-finger locator will allow you to rest your finger right in front of the trigger, where it should be when the gun is on stand-by mode. Holding the trigger each time you pull out a gun can be dangerous to first timers since they might not be able to control their fingers and the gun itself.

  1. Ruger LCR

This is a .38 caliber revolver that will best serve as a self defense weapon when the need arises. LCR means Lightweight Compact Revolver, which stands true for this particular gun. Just like many high-end concealed carry guns, The Ruger LCR has a polymer grip that allows easy handling and convenient carry. Believe it or not, this revolver allows you to shoot up to a 10-yard distance, which is really great considering its small frame.

Those are the three best guns you can choose from when opting for concealed carry weapons.

Best Back-up Gun You Should Have

Having a shotgun or a rifle is good, but having back-up guns will eventually make everything better. Just in case your main weapon fails or runs out of ammo, you can easily continue to defend yourself from criminals by having a back-up weapon. It is better to be always prepared than regret not being able to think further than bringing your main gun.

Having a back-up gun is a must for law enforcement officers. But is it really advisable for civilians? Well, the answer could be a Yes or a No. In some instances, carrying a back-up gun might expose you to more dangers especially if you have multiple targets. You might not be able to control yourself while holding the two guns and just end up harming other people who have nothing to do with the crime. On the other hand, your conservative side asks you to bring a back-up weapon to feel safer.

Here is a list of the perfect candidates for the best back-up gun that you can purchase today:

  1. Springfield Armory XD-S 3.3” 9MM pistol

Ever dreamed of having a tiny pistol with the most functional features? Meet the XD-S 9MM pistol by Springfield Armory. Undeniably, this is one of the best back-up weapons you can have. Why? Not only because it is small in size but also because it is reliable enough to shoot accurately. At only 23 oz. you will be able to protect yourself in times of danger. With this small weapon, there isn’t even a need for you to bring a larger gun since XD-S is highly dependable during pressure driven moments.

  1. Glock 27

Here comes another gun from Glock. The best thing about this gun is that it can easily be concealed, which is one of the main points of carrying back-up guns. Although this gun is an inch shorter in barrel size compared to standard hand guns, you can rely on its firing accuracy.

The Glock 27 is surprising powerful considering its small size. It’s as if a standard pistol is packed into a smaller housing. This gun can best protect you from criminals who are only a few yards away from you. Aside from that, this gun is also equipped with a trigger safety lock that will prevent unintentional firing.

Lastly, since the Glock 27 has a simple yet elegant design, it is easier to maintain compared to other back-up guns. This means you don’t need to spend a lot of money on keeping your gun functional. This will allow you to save tons of money.

Choose your best weapon and protect yourself from potential threats. Just remember to get proper training to insure your own safety and the safety of others (and your effective use of your guns), and pay close attention to the legal stipulations and licensing requirements of ownership and carry where you live to avoid finding yourself on the wrong side of the law.


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