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2017 Update: Conscious Parenting: Raising A Daughter – Life, Love, Stimulation, Books, Swords, Culture

The last year 3 years have been an interesting and highly rewarding experience for me.

In December, 2014 – my daughter Abigail was born.

She had been a Myanmar citizen, but last year she got her US Citizenship and first passport.

I’ve got a very good situation here – in that I run my training business on Saturdays and Sundays, and am able to stay with my family, focus on training and study Monday-Friday.

Because I’ve been able to spend so much time with my daughter (and wife!) – I’ve learned a lot of interesting things.

Among the most interesting things are my Guide To Human Troubleshooting:

  1. Check for dehydration
  2. Check for hunger
  3. Check for sleep deprivation
  4. Check for need of affection
  5. Check for need of something interesting to be involved in

How To Avoid Seeing Your Daughter On WorldStarHipHop.com Videos

Every few days I see some pathetic video of someone raising their kids and training them to do something crazy on Facebook.

I mean pathetic in the sense that it evokes pathos – sympathy and empathy for the suffering of another when I see them.

Now – I’m not a perfect parent – by any stretch.  I’m not even sure that there is such a thing.

But if we follow the Pareto principle and focus on the 20% of activities that should yield 80% of the best results – there are a few things we can focus on:

First, we want to be constantly aware of the human troubleshooting list above.

It’s super important, and being a mindful parent has helped me really understand not only my daughter, but other people around me and people in general, as well.

The vast majority of behavior and personality problems can be resolved with the checklist.

Be mindful of the checklist with everyone you meet.

Offer people a glass of water…

Offer people healthy food…

Be warm to people…

Challenge people to be the highest and best versions of themselves…

And watch your results and influence skyrocket.

Raising Kids And Raising People Up In An Intentional Culture

Raising someone is an easy concept to understand.

Raising someone up is a bit more complicated.

What I mean by “raising up” is literal – to lift people from a lower state into a higher state, in an intentional, systematic way that allows them to become themselves, better.

I’ve been very conscious – not only about human troubleshooting but about raising my daughter up in an intentional culture wherein she can express all quadrants of her self (physical self, social self, intellectual self and post-personal self) at the highest possible levels relative to her current levels of development – with unlimited potential for improvement, and –

With unlimited possibilities for claiming, tweaking and making it her own.

Some of the key features of that at this stage (1 year and 4 months) are:

  1. GREAT nutrition.  We spend more on my daughter’s food than most people in this country make in a month, but – it’s essential to provide her with a competitive advantage and to maintain optimum levels of development.  No Appalacian bottles full of Mountain Dew – only healthy, natural, organic vegetables and wild meats
  2. Access to people who love her, including but not limited to her parents, and relatives of a similar age – ALL THE TIME
  3. Books and training videos that she enjoys watching which help her learn at her own pace in an enjoyable way
  4. Not allowing anyone to program her or connect programming about existence to her fears as happens to most people and which is almost impossible to erase or overwrite, so that she can make her own choices about the nature and meaning of her own existence as she grows

And – She’s being raised up in The Four Elements culture.

Check that out below:

So – that’s what I’m doing to raise my little smart, awakened warrior leader princess.


What are your best tips for being a mindful and conscious parent?

The 2017 Update

It’s been a while since many of the photos were taken, and Abigail the agoge girl is now 2 years old.


One of the pieces of advice that I most often give people is to “sacrifice the apple to gain the tree” – that the #1 difference between winners and losers in life is the ability to delay gratification.


To give up a short term pay of in order to gain long term, longer lasting benefits.


It’s a simple formula, really and it’s based on the Anxin law of inverse proportions:


Easy now, hard later.  Hard now, easy later.  


Spending a minimum of 24 hours a day, 5 days a week around my daughter has been paying off in spades since she was born.  The real leverage point is that my wife is a great mother, but – having dad around most of the time and getting lots of positive attention, being allowed to fully explore her world, not being programmed with negative talk and never being exposed to hostile or confrontational situations in the home has paid off.


Agoge girl is super into swords still, is starting to kick a lot, loves the heavy bag, the swimming pool, and all forms of physical exercise and training, as well as learning and self-studying, and yet – is super girly.


Here she is getting her workouts in and hanging out in dad’s home gym @ 2 years old:


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