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Welcome to EarthWaterFireAir.  The world’s most prestigious and versatile men’s lifestyle brand – For those men who demand only the best of what life has to offer – EarthWaterFireAir is for you.

Our goods are not just another piece of metal, fabric or leather – made by hand by South Asia’s premier poly-artisan, each piece represents the ultimate tool for the high-achieving man, which will last a lifetime and beyond.

EarthWaterFireAir men’s goods are not for everyone.  In fact they’re available to only .0001% of the world’s population to ensure the highest caliber of personal service and detail is provided to each owner.

A superlative is not a comparative. The best cannot be compared to anything else.  We set our own standards and do not adhere to fashions or trends.  We focus on promotive emotions (self-elevation, pleasure, recognition), not prevention emotions (risk reduction, absence of problem and discomfort).

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