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  • The Art Of War Vs. Modern Management Theory - Find out how modern management theory REALLY stacks up to the thousands of years of history behind various "arts of war" and Eastern thought
  • Common Themes In The Arts Of War - Discover the common elements among all "bingfa's" or Arts Of War that you can begin leveraging to achieve your goals - RIGHT NOW...
  • Mastering Your Mission - Follow this simple process with me to discover your own highest and best purpose and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION towards realizing your own best goals
  • Orthodox Buddhist Meditation - Uncover why what the historical Buddha actually taught is far and away different and much more powerful than what passes for "meditation" in today's world
  • The Buddha's Teaching On The Mind And Consciousness - What did the Buddha ACTUALLY teach about the nature of the mind, consciousness and existence itself? I guarantee it's different than what you've been told before
  • Introduction To Samatha And Vipassana Bhavana - Let me show you the fundamental differences in practice and purpose between the two orthodox meditation methods taught by The Buddha
  • The 4 Elements "Ground Up" Diet - How to eat for maximum health, energy and vitality
  • The Jivaka System - This little know system of ascetic self-stretching and exercise was developed by Jivaka, the physician of The Buddha to help monks maintain their health. Hint: NOBODY has seen this outside of jungle recluses...