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The ancient Greeks said that "Virtue Is Hitting The Mark"...  

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Welcome To The Four Elements:  Vihara

You can get stronger and healthier, become more influential and connect with others more deeply, out-think obstacles on your path to achieve your goals AND have lasting peace of mind and happiness in 30 minutes a day...

What is Vihara?

The Pali word "Vihara" means "abode".

Vihara is our proprietary e-learning platform where we deliver best-in-class training products to help you master your physical, social, mental and post-personal power.

Inside, you'll access our powerful, transformative training courses, and - your access to this one-of-a-kind material will be permanent, and - we're continually updating and upgrading our courses.

Why is training at The Four Elements:  Vihara so important and useful for your success and happiness?  

If You Want Greater Success And Achievement In ANY Area Of Your Life You MUST Focus On These 4 Key Leverage Points:

stupa2Have you ever wondered why monks - in all traditions must be given the requisites for living, like food, clothing, shelter, and so on?

Think about it... If they're legitimate - their one highest and best goal is their own post-personal development and awakening.

The reason why is simple:  Bio-survival stability is a PRE-REQUISITE for spiritual or post-personal development.

Look at that pagoda image again... The base - the Earth element - your physical power, well being and security is ALWAYS the first and most essential part of yourself that you need to develop.

Starving and endangered people don't make great leaders.   They don't make great thinkers.  And as the Buddha realized when he gave up the life of an ascetic - they don't self-awaken.

If you want to become a well rounded, successful person, or even if you have very lofty goals like mastering meditation or becoming self-awakened - You're going to have to:

  1. Focus primarily on your physical power and security
  2. And then on your social power
  3. Next, you're going to have to develop and expand the power of your mind
  4. Finally - you work on your post-personal development

Here's an easy formula to remember: Spend 50% of your energy for personal development on your physical power and health.  Spend 30% on your social power and influence.  Spend 15% on expanding your mental capabilities, and - use the remaining 5% for post-personal development.

The practical tools to develop and express your highest and best self - @The Four Elements:  Vihara

At The Four Elements: Vihara you'll learn, train and master a powerful set of practices that makes self-directed transformation easy and applicable to every day life.

Based on 17 years of training with the greatest masters of meditation, martial arts, strategy, etc. throughout Asia, Vihara shows you how to incorporate the little known and highest level practices of Theravada Buddhism and South-East Asian methods of personal transformation that NOBODY has seen before...

Books From Jon Anxin

Available Web-Based Training Classes @Vihara

Access The Freedom Of Air

Insightful, Perceptive & Able To Let Go

The Mastering Meditation Blueprint Class

The Mastering Meditation Blueprint by Jon Anxin provides the deepest and most profound level of theoretical and practical training to achieve your goals in meditation, and to become permanently self-awakened. The training is divided into 4 modules:

  1. Frameworks
  2. Theory
  3. Practicum
  4. Continuing Practice

Suitable for beginners and experts alike, The Mastering Meditation Blueprint walks you through the basic theoretical frameworks of meditation, all the way through advanced training on the nature of consciousness, time, and existence itself - based on the oldest extant traditions of Theravada Buddhism.

Click Here To Access The Mastering Meditation Blueprint

Express The Energy Of Fire

Inspirational, Confident, Focused & Happy

The Lost Arts Of War Training Class

If you have big goals for yourself, or even want to gain more clarity about your own mission in life - The Lost Arts Of War training class is EXACTLY what you've been looking for.

We cover 8+ hours of training on the art of strategic thinking and mental warfare, and then move into execution and a long-term blueprint to help you master your mission.

Click Here To Access The Lost Arts Of War Training Class

The Dharma Of Strategy Class

Having mastered strategy, Jon Anxin set his sights upon high-level meditation.  While attending an elite monastic university in Myanmar, he developed a breakthrough in strategy which simplifies the art of strategic thinking using a simple framework of:

  • Problem
  • Cause
  • Vision
  • Path

Which mirrored the structure of the Buddha's 4 Noble Truths.

The result was a much simpler, easier-to-master and FASTER training methodology, and "accidently" stumbling onto a completely innovative process to train strategic insight, or what Von Clausewitz called "coup de'oeil".

This program represents a master level training in strategic thought and the development of strategic insight.

Coming Soon!

Incorporate The Inner Strength Of Water

Caring, Adaptable & Resilient

The Awakened Leader Class

In this training class, you'll discover Jon Anxin's process for creating powerful, effective leaders through the process of:

  • Embodiment
  • Ethics
  • Envisioning
  • Execution

The Awakened Leader focuses on ontological leadership, or leadership as a way of being, rather than leadership as a set of practices or skills

This training will take you by the hand and develop your NATURAL leadership skills quickly and effectively so that you're leading yourself - and those around you towards the completion of your big mission - on autopilot.

Coming Soon!

Demonstrate The Power Of Earth

Decisive - Calm - Powerful Presence

The Jivaka System Level 1

This is the ascetic self-stretching system developed by Jivaka - physician of the Buddha.

The system consists of breathing exercises, self-massage, accu-pressure, dynamic stretching exercises and meditation.

The system has largely disappeared from monastic culture, but has continued to be passed down inside of the ascetic (hermit) forest traditions of Southeast Asia.

Coming Soon!

The Four Elements Boxing System Level 1

Train in this never-before-seen Southeast Asian martial art.

Coming Soon!

Cultivate The Essence Of Void

Authentic, Versatile & True Control

Four Elements Laws Of Powerful Living

In this module we'll review the key concepts and training methods to increase your physical, social, mental and post-personal power.

This is a chunked up, birds-eye-review of the entire training.

Coming Soon!

Four Elements Integration

Learn to integrate the training of each of the 4 quadrants of your life and each of the previous trainings in a simple, hardcore training system that compresses each element together into a 1 hour daily training regimine.

The Four Elements Integration training is a live video training based system where you'll discover how to increase your:

  • Physical power
  • Social power
  • Mental power
  • Post-personal power

In a 1 hour, powerful daily ritual that allows you to blow past your competition and through every obstacle on your path towards the life you really want.

Coming Soon!

The Four Elements Vihara Is:

  • The Ultimate In Cross Training

    Simultaneously increase your physical, social, mental and post-personal power – Simply and easily!

  • Modular

    Allowing you to mix and match specific practices together – individually or to focus on any specific quadrant of your life you need to improve fast.

  • Scalable

    Practice as long and as often as you want and gain all the benefits of Life Alchemy, or – go as deeply into the practice as you’d like.

  • Customizable

    To your own life – you design a training system that works for you, and adapt it on an as-needed basis.

  • Distilled

    Get the essence of the most enduring traditional ideas and practices – without the cultural or religious baggage and begin a highly effective process for the world YOU live in.

  • Integrated

    Each module or element builds on the previous, so that by the time you’ve done all 4 – you’re only doing 1 simple, integrated practice.

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