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Busy, Busy, Busy, Sick – DEAD!

Does Your Current Level Of Success Equal Your Potential? Are the actual results you’re getting in each of the 4 Quadrants of power – Physical Power, Social Power, Mental Power and Post-Personal Power – equal to its potential? Do you believe your current levels of growth and accomplishment are all that you’re capable of? If…

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The Four Stages Of Awakening

“Sariputta, ‘The stream, the stream’: thus it is said. And what, Sariputta, is the stream?” “This noble eightfold path, lord, is the stream: right view, right resolve, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration.” “Very good, Sariputta! Very good! This noble eightfold path — right view, right resolve, right speech,…

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daniele bolelli

Review: Daniele Bolelli’s “Not Afraid: On Fear, Heartbreak, Raising A Baby Girl And Cage Fighting”

Yesterday, I finished reading the latest book by Daniele Bolelli, called “Not Afraid:  On Fear, Heartbreak, Raising A Baby Girl and Cage Fighting.”   I was chatting with him the other day, because I had recently been having some similar thoughts before I knew about his book – especially on the topics of martial arts…

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