The Four Elements


breakearthINTERNAL:  Demonstrate The Power Of Earth - Generally,  The earth element represents physical power and bio-survival ability.  It is characterized by gross energy, and when you’re seen by others, you’re perceived as:

  • Decisive
  • Calm
  • Having A Powerful “Command Presence”

EXTERNAL:  Strengthen your legs and feet - for greater solidity and power to improve your health, balance, and ability to protect yourselfbreakwaterINTERNAL:  Incorporate The Inner Strength Of Water - The element of water represents social power and the ability to be in relation.  It expresses itself as subtle energy, and as you progress in Four Elements Training and increase your own power in the water quadrant, you become more:

  • Caring
  • Adapting
  • Resilient

EXTERNAL:   Strengthen your arms & hands - in order to become an effective and principled leader, and bring benefit to those around youbreakfireINTERNAL:  Express The Energy Of Fire - In The Four Elements Training System, fire corresponds to mental power, and is projected as causal energy.  After mastering earth and water, you will become a master of the fire quadrant, seen by others as a powerful,  connected leader who is:

  • Inspirational
  • Confident
  • Focused & Happy

EXTERNAL:  Strengthen your spine and head - to clearly define who you REALLY want to be and what you REALLY want to do in life, and automate the strategic process to get you therebreakairINTERNAL:  Access The Freedom Of Air - The air element represents post-personal power, and is both the highest, and most integrated of the four quadrants which expresses itself as non-dual energy.  When you have fully accessed and integrated the air quadrant training, you become:

  • Perceptive
  • Peaceful
  • Able To Let Go

EXTERNAL:  Strengthen your breathing - to be in tune with your fundamental rhythm and feel more at ease, more at peace with yourself and your place in the world break What People Like You Have Said About My Training…test321 - Copytest21 - Copytest10 - Copytest9 - Copytest8 - Copytest7 - Copytest6 - CopytestimonialsbreakFlagship ProductslaowboxThe Lost Arts Of WarGet The Lost Arts Of War Training Program to become a master of winning – from the battlefield, to the boardroom to the bedroom.It’s a 9 hour, video only training system on the 3,000 year old Chinese Strategic paradigm or – The Art Of War.In This Training Program, I’ll Walk You Through A Simple, Easy To Implement Set Of Blueprints and Best Practices That Have Been Used For Over 3,000 Years To Do One Thing: WIN.What’s more – it’s been tested under the harshest life or death conditions, the deepest intrigues and the most un-winnable odds and – it’s proven itself time and time again, for 3,000 years as the highest and best set of standard operating procedures for success.

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Li was a scientist of political intrigue.He writes: ‘When you conceal your will from others, that is Thick. When you impose your will on others, that is Black.’

Thick Black Theory describes the ruthless, hypocritical means men use to obtain and hold power.It went through several printings before being banned as subversive.”


White Lotus SocietyWhite Lotus Revolution This text is the full translation of the White Lotus sutras from the banned and brutally supressed “White Lotus Sect” or Bailian Jiao, in China.

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Chapters of the book include: 1. Introduction 2. Situation Appraisal 3. Formulation of Goals and Strategies 4. Evaluation of Strategies 5. Implementation of Strategies 6. Strategic Controls 7. The Art Of Strategic Thinking And Mental Warfare

“Ordinary men do not know these things, only great wisdom can discern the edges of these matters.” –The Six Secret Teachings

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