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From The Beginning Of Time
Great Men Have Recognized
The Power Of The Four Elements

From the 9,000 year old step pyramid of Imhotep, to Plato to the pagoda’s of Asia – a carefully guarded secret has been passed down from initiate to initiate…

A secret so powerful and yet so simple that it can be understood with a whisper…

It’s been shrouded and hidden in metaphysics for thousands of years…

But once you begin mastering it – you become more powerful than you ever imagined possible.

That secret has been hidden in allegory and architecture for thousands of years.

Would you like to know what “it” is…?

The “Ground-Up” Approach
To Self Cultivation
And Personal Power

Take a look at the actual designs of the earliest step pyramids.  The South-East Asian Pagoda.  The Gorinto of Japan.  The Taj Mahal.  The muqarnas dome of the mausoleum of Nur al-Din in Damascus…

Hidden deep within the world’s esoteric traditions – you find a simple idea:

Man’s path of personal development moves from the ground up…  From Earth, to Water, to Fire, to Air.

You can think of it as physical power, social power, mental power and post-personal or “spiritual” power.

This simple truth was rediscovered and expanded by Maslow with his “hierarchy of needs” and further in the 20th century by Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson with their 8-circuit model.

That model is a great one, and it makes The Four Elements easy to understand.

The first 4 circuits (of development) are:

  • Bio-Survival
  • Socio-Sexual
  • Rational-Intellectual
  • Post-Personal

If You Want Greater Success And Achievement
In ANY Area Of Your Life
You MUST Focus On These 4 Leverage Points

four elements pagodaHave you ever wondered why monks – in all traditions must be given the requisites for living, like food, clothing, shelter, and so on?

Think about it…

If they’re legitimate – their one highest and best goal is their own post-personal development and awakening.

The reason why is simple:  Bio-survival stability is a PRE-REQUISITE for spiritual or post-personal development.

Look at that pagoda image above again…

The Earth element – your physical power, well being and security is ALWAYS the first and most essential part of yourself that you need to develop.

Starving and endangered people don’t make great leaders.  They don’t make great thinkers.  And as the Buddha realized when he gave up the life of an ascetic – they don’t self-awaken.

Look – if you want to become a well rounded, successful person, or even if you have very lofty goals like mastering meditation or becoming self-awakened – You’re going to have to focus primarily on your physical power and security, and then on your social power.  Next, you’re going to have to develop and expand the power of your mind.  Finally – you work on your personal development.

Here’s an easy formula to remember:

Spend 50% of your energy for personal development on your physical power and health.  Spend 30% on your social power and influence.  Spend 15% on expanding your mental capabilities, and – use the remaining 5% for post-personal development.

This Simple Truth
Has Never Before
Been Made Easily Accessible

With VERY FEW exceptions (Shaolin, some marathon monks, etc.), you can’t go to any one place and study physical, social, mental and post personal power.

What’s worse is that even if you realized that you needed to do that in order to live life the way you really want – there’s never been a system or culture which embraced personal development in this way outside of the closed gates of secretive esoteric communities.


When You Subscribe, Every Month You'll Discover More About How To:

Demonstrate The Power Of Earth

fightingEach month you’ll get new training and new ideas to help you become stronger, faster and tougher.

We’ll cover topics ranging from:

  • Fighting
  • Bio-Hacking
  • Longevity
  • Strength And Endurance Training
  • More…

The Earth element is characterized by gross power, and when you’re seen by others you’re perceived as decisive, calm, and having a powerful “command presence”.

Incorporate The Strength Of Water

leadershipYou’ll learn how to become a more effective leader and communicator through training on:

  • Leadership
  • Influence
  • Persuasion
  • Negotiating
  • Rhetoric And Public Speaking
  • More…

The water element expresses itself as subtle energy, and as you increase your power in this quadrant people see you as more caring, adaptable, resilient and inspiring.


Express The Energy Of Fire


This is one of my favorite areas and one of the areas I really mastered after martial arts…

Dramatically increase the power of your mind with my training on:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Brain Training
  • Cognitive Enhancement
  • Analytical And Critical Thinking
  • Logic And Reason
  • More…

Fire is projected as causal energy. As you master it you’re seen by others as a rain maker who’s disciplined, efficient and HIGHLY effective.

Access The Freedom Of Air

meditationThis monthly training and info will consist mostly on material about the “bigger picture” that you fit into.

We’ll cover stuff like:

  • Orthodox Meditation
  • The Nature Of The Self
  • The Nature Of Consciousness
  • Awakening
  • More…

The Air element representws non-dual energy. When your power in this quadrant begins to develop you become perceptive, peaceful, and tranquil.

A Source Of Incredible Inspiration Who Shows You EXACTLY How To Live The Life You REALLY Want...

Jon Anxin is a true master of personal development and training. I have been following his lead for years now and have been able to completely change my life and leave behind a miserable job and travel the world living life on MY terms and haven't looked back since. He is a REAL modern day renaissance man and a source of incredible inspiration who shows you EXACTLY how to live the life you really want...
Gary Baxter
I am already seeing significant gains in my personal and professional life. I believe the seeds for this energy were planted and fed by Jon Anxin's wisdom and teachings - You need this in your life...
Kelvin Templeton Jones
Kelvin Templeton Jones
I have known Jon Anxin for several years now and have followed his travels since he was in Thailand. I have greatly benefited from our friendship. All of his material and research is powerful and unique.
Matt Henderson
Matt Henderson
Anxin, you have been an inspiration to me. I have been following you on your path to grand things. Your material is truly an inspiration and your actions are examples to be followed.
Kari Gunarsson
Kari Gunarsson
This material is truly inspiring...!
Jonas Rye Nielsen
Jonas Rye Nielsen
I bought The Four Quadrants Of Power and it is literally mind bowing how it can give you clarity and aid you in firming your direction and give you the personal power to see it through...
Brian Colborne
Brian Colborne
Anxin, you have been an inspiration to me. I have bought lots of stuff on strategy over the last months and I have to say sincerely that 4QP is the best...
Santiago Oria
Santiago Oria
Friends who are striving to build a successful business in today's highly competitive economy, I strongly urge you to tune in to Jon Anxin's outstanding teaching on strategic thought and action. He's a genuine master of natural laws, that when properly and consistently applied will guarantee ultimate victory and sublime success. Give him a fair hearing and I promise you won't regret it!
Ken McRae
Ken McRae
Just downloaded the first module. All I can say is "Wow!"
Jeremy Wilson
Jeremy Wilson
I just joined the training program yesterday and went through the introduction... You are doing something really great and I can't wait to get the next training from you!
Jina Han
Jina Han
Since studying your Four Quadrants Of Power a few months ago - my life has totally changed... I feel better now than I have at any point in my life and if anyone is reading this - You simply MUST listen to what Jon Anxin teaches...

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meditationnotebookMindmaps, Notes, Process Maps, etc.

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